Authors Discuss Catskills History, Japanese Internment Camps

This weekend on New York NOW we have two interviews on some of the more compelling moments in our country's history. Stephen Silverman joins us to discuss his book "The Catskills: Its History and How it Changed America." The country's first great vacationland is examined through looks at the poets, gangsters and the rich and famous that frequented the wild forests of upstate New York. Kermit Roosevelt, the great-great grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, released a novel this year on a topic that...
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Plattsburgh's success story

20 years ago a lot of people who lived in the greater Plattsburgh area were worried about their future.
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The state Assembly, Senate and Governor Cuomo continue to work on sticking points in the state budget, as yet another item has now been dropped from the spending plan, raising the state’s minimum wage.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos emerged hopeful from a closed door meeting with Republican Senators. The Senate and Governor Cuomo have been at odds over ethics reform, including requiring financial disclosure of Senators’ law clients in their outside jobs as private attorneys.

Matt Ryan/WMHT

The leader of the State Senate says raising the minimum wage is now out of the state budget, setting up a potential  conflict with the state assembly as the budget deadline draws near.

Add the minimum wage to a growing list of items that have been dropped from the state budget.

Senate Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos, who’s been against Governor Cuomo’s proposal to further increase the minimum wage to $11.50 downstate and $10.50 upstate, says, the proposal won’t be part of the final state spending plan. 

Photo: Matt Ryan / WMHT

Governor Cuomo and the legislature are considering a  commission to design a new teacher evaluation plan, in order to break an impasse over the state budget. But even some lawmakers admit that the compromise is just kicking the can down the road.

Cuomo has demanded that education policy changes be passed along with the state budget, or he’ll hold up school aid increases.

Governor Cuomo and the legislature are making progress on the budget. Cuomo, after a private meeting with Senate Republicans, says he’s closer to an agreement on ethics reform, but the governor is getting some criticism for dropping some items out of the budget, including the Dream Act.

The governor made a rare visit to the Senate Republican conference meeting room where he says he talked about how to come to agreement on ethics reform. Cuomo signaled that he’s willing to make some concessions on his demands that legislators who practice private law identify their clients.

A protest to raise the minimum wage drew hundreds to the state Capitol, and included a brief occupation of the building’s Dunkin Donuts. Governor Cuomo and state lawmakers are considering hiking the minimum wage in the new budget, but protesters say it is not enough.

Matt Ryan/WMHT

With just over a week until the state budget is due, there’s pressure to drop a number of unrelated items in Governor Cuomo’s state spending plan.

Cuomo has tied ethics reform and education policy changes to the budget, and threatened to hold up the spending plan if the legislature does not agree.  

Photo: Matt Ryan / WMHT

  A new poll finds voters disagree with most of Governor Andrew’s Cuomo’s tactics during the current budget negotiations. Cuomo has tied ethics reform and education policy changes to the budget, and threated to hold up the spending plan if the legislature does not agree.  

A Siena College poll finds that, while New Yorkers think ethics reform and school funding are important, they don’t want the issues linked to the budget, and they say an on time spending plan is important to them, says Siena’s Steve Greenberg.

Matt Ryan/WMHT

There’s still no final three way deal on an ethics reform proposal at the State Capitol.  And reform groups say a proposal offered by Governor Cuomo and the state Assembly does not go far enough.

The plan by Cuomo and Assembly Democrats requires that lawmakers disclose the source of all outside income they receive above $1000. Lawyers must reveal the names of their clients if they earn more than $5000. They would also have to prove they are actually in Albany, through an electronic monitoring system, before receiving their expense payments.

Matt Ryan/WMHT

On our way back from reporting on a story in the Adirondacks, we passed a familiar sight off of Route 73 in Essex County.  If you've traveled that same stretch of highway on your way to Lake Placid, you've probably passed it too. 

  Teachers from the Finger Lakes traveled to Albany Friday to deliver one thousand local apples to Governor Cuomo. The purpose was not to share in the bounty of the agricultural region, but to make a point about what they say is the governor’s lack of commitment to school spending.

Mike Prusinowski is a high school science teacher in Canandaigua . He says each apple represents a teaching job lost because of funding cuts, and an apple that would otherwise be delivered by a student to their teacher.   


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