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This Week on NYN: Education Commissioner Elia

New State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia joins us this weekend on the program just in time for the start of the new school year. We have lots to discuss with Elia, including her stance on teacher evaluations, the "opt-out" movement and the implementation of the Common Core. Speaking of the latter, Andrew Cuomo announced after our interview with the commissioner that he is forming a commission to examine the implementation of the Common Core across the state. A process he has called ...
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Buffalo rebirth, First look at new ADK trails

We have three interesting stories to tell in this edition of New York NOW. First off, Matt Ryan reports from Buffalo on the long overdue revitalization of the waterfront. "Canalside," after years of being a series of empty lots, attracted over a million people in 2014. Also, we highlight one of the Western New York icons that is still waiting for its rebirth, the Central Terminal Train Station. Finally, Casey Seiler heads up to one of the most remote sections of the Adirondack Park. The...
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Carl Heastie was elected unanimously by Democrats in the Assembly to be the next Speaker, less than two weeks after former Speaker Sheldon Silver was arrested and charged with running a massive multi million dollar corruption scheme.

Heastie, the first African American speaker in the Assembly’s 237 year history, gave a brief speech to the chamber, where he  focused on moving on from the scandal brought on the Assembly by his predecessor. Heastie says the members have told him they want change.

Governor Cuomo is weighing in on the drama in the state Assembly, and is proposing reforms.  Cuomo, in a speech at NYU law schools, says he won’t be signing the state budget unless the legislature agrees to the changes.

The race to replace the disgraced Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver seems all but over, with the Assembly’s Majority Leader Joe Morelle ending his bid for the job and throwing his support to Bronx Assemblyman Carl Heastie. A vote could be held as early as next week.

The race to replace the disgraced Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver seems all but over, with the Assembly’s Majority Leader Joe Morelle ending his bid for the job and throwing his support to Bronx power broker Carl Heastie.

Morelle, in a statement, says he is backing Heastie, whom he describes as a close friend. Assemblyman Heastie, in another statement, says Morelle will be permitted to remain as Assembly Majority Leader, if Heastie is elected Speaker next month.  Both promised “meaningful reforms”, but have not detailed what those might be.

The maneuvering for the next Speaker of the State Assembly is going on largely behind the scenes, and government reform groups say that’s the wrong way to begin a new era in what’s been called the people’s house.  They’ve asked the announced candidates to commit to an open process, and want an answer before the weekend.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver will end his long reign as the head of the Assembly on Monday, say the Democratic members of the Assembly who announced they’ll hold a new election for Speaker on February 10th.

After two long days of closed door meetings, as Assembly Democrats reacted to the mounting fall out from Speaker Silver’s arrest on corruption charges, the Democrats now say Silver will leave his post on Monday.

Assembly Democrats are planning to huddle behind closed doors again in Albany today, trying to decide their next move after they decided Monday that they no longer have confidence in their in their present Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver returns to the Capitol Monday to preside over the scheduled legislative session, for the first time since being arrested and charged with running illegal kickback and bribery schemes that earned him $6 million dollars. Karen DeWitt reports on what the Speaker is likely to find when he arrives.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is under arrest and $3.8 million dollars in eight different bank accounts held by Silver have been seized, as federal prosecutors accuse the Speaker of running two fraudulent and corrupt schemes.

Governor Cuomo laid out a series of proposals for reforming the state’s criminal justice system, after heightened tensions over the death of an unarmed Staten Island resident after an encounter with police, as well as the recent murder of two police officers.


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