Cuomo associates charged with bribery and fraud

A former Cuomo Administration official is among those named in a criminal complaint by US Attorney Preet Bharara, and accused of carrying out kickback and bribery schemes over a period of several years. Many of those illegal acts, the complaint alleges, involve the governor’s much-touted Upstate economic development programs, including the Buffalo Billion.
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Matt Ryan/WMHT

Exclusive: Andrew Cuomo discusses 2010 redemption

Governor Andrew Cuomo agreed to a rare sit-down television interview for the upcoming WMHT film on his father titled "Governor Mario Cuomo: Poetry and Prose."
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Matt Ryan

The state’s leading business group is warning that Governor Cuomo’s paid family leave proposal will be costly for employers and difficult for them to manage.

Governor Cuomo’s been holding campaign style rallies to promote his paid family leave proposal. 

Hoosick Falls students demand safer water

Feb 16, 2016

Fed up with the seeming inaction of their local and state government, or in this case the adults, the students of Hoosick Falls High School held an emergency meeting to demand that Governor Cuomo help them find a reliable safe source of drinking water, that did not come in a plastic bottle.

Karen DeWitt

High schoolers in Hoosick Falls say they are tired of the slow response by the adults in the community, and government, to toxic substance PFOA which has infiltrated the village water system and made it unsafe to drink.  They took matters into their own hands, holding a press conference and  calling on Governor Cuomo personally to act.

“The adults have done a lot of talking,” said Anna Wysocki , senior class historian. “Now it’s our turn.”

Matt Ryan/WMHT

Cheap gas prices are making consumers happy at the pump, but not everyone is benefiting from the lower prices. New York’s counties, who impose a sales tax on gasoline, have lost over $200 million dollars in revenues.

The state of New York also charges a gasoline tax, but it’s a uniform rate of eight cents per gallon. Counties charge a 4% sales tax on the PRICE of gas. Stephen Aquario is with the New York State Association of Counties, says they see less revenue when the price plunges from $4 a gallon to $2 a gallon, which is the average rate right now.

Matt Ryan

Governor Cuomo says he’s fighting a proposed merger of Key Bank with first Niagara Bank, saying it would limit choice for New York consumers and could possibly violate anti-trust laws.

Matt Ryan

Governor Cuomo’s Administration has released a report that it says shows the benefits of raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next few years.    Business groups charge the study is biased.

Cuomo has been pushing hard for a phased in $15 an hour minimum wage,  putting the proposal into his state budget and campaigning for the measure with Vice President Joe Biden.

“Every working man and woman in the state of New York deserves $15 an hour as a minimum wage,” Cuomo shouted at rally last fall.

Local governments and schools say they are struggling over a property tax cap that will allow what amounts to a zero percent increase in tax levies in the coming year. But Governor Cuomo, says they’ll  likely have to stick with those rules.

The US Attorney who convicted both of the leaders of the legislature came to Albany Monday to speak to a conference of the state’s mayors. But Preet Bharara was not invited to the State Capitol itself, and he did not meet directly with any lawmakers, even though Bharara and Governor Cuomo attended the same event, the swearing in of the state’ new chief judge.

The US Attorney addressed mayors from all over the state, gathered for their annual meeting, where he told them  the point of his anti corruption work is to “protect democracy”.

Matt Ryan

Governor Cuomo offered a rationale for Hillary Clinton’s candidacy over that of Democratic rival Berne Sanders, saying Clinton’s approach is more practical.

Cuomo, who was HUD Secretary under former President Bill Clinton and who is helping Hillary Clinton’s election efforts in New York, says the former Secretary of State is  presenting ideas that are “more realistic” that could actually be enacted if she were President.

Matt Ryan / WMHT

Senate Democrats are optimistic about their chances for winning a special election in April to replace convicted ex Senate Leader Dean Skelos .

Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins, in an interview with public radio and television,  predicts the Democratic candidate in the race for the Skelos seat , Assemblyman and former prosecutor  Todd Kaminsky, will do “quite well”, and represents “a break from the past”.

“Which frankly, voters out there deserve and need,” Stewart Cousins said.

Kaminsky faces Republican Attorney Chris McGrath.


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