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12:00 pm
Thu October 23, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


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Last Week's Results

Will you be voting yes or no on Prop 3, the 'Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014?'

Yes: 3%
No: 97%

Your comments on the Bond Act:

No. So many reasons - especially the vision of those lap-tops being outdated in a few years, and sitting in a storage room. -Susan M., Rotterdam

No. NY has a large amount of bond debt outstanding. In addition, funding to schools, especially urban schools, is too low. The Governor is using the bond act as a work around to mask the school funding issue. -Peter B., Schenectady

No. These schools get plenty of money. They just don't use it wisely or for the kids. It goes to the union teachers, etc. It will take 10 years (or longer) to pay it off and before it's paid everything will be outdated and they will be looking for more money! -Nancy R., Castleton

No. Just more tax money to be misspent by our representatives. The meager benefits will be long gone while we will still be paying off the debt. -Charlie G., Suffern

No. It is one thing to spend money on education, but it is quite different to throw money at education. -Dave H., Buffalo

No. Monies can be used better off on books, lunches, School repair and staff. An incentive for Teachers to work in the inner city schools. -Stephen R., Williamson

No. Schools are adequately funded in New York State, this money would buy very short-lived tech equipment with a long term bond. -Richard V., Hilton

No. School systems need to reduce the number of administrators, principals and teachers earning six figure incomes with pensions parents can only dream about rather than ask taxpayers who earn far less rather than borrow more money to pay for these basic learning tools. -Larry P., Great Neck

No. I agree with McMahon of the Empire Center that Prop.3 is an unnecessary boondoggle. The 100 million debt service price tag can be used for different aid to the public school system. -Anonymous

No. The materials will be obsolete long before the bond is paid for. -Anna W., Endicott

No. Dedicates limited funding resources for technological infrastructure to administer Common Core tests. There are better ways to spend money, including hiring and retaining teachers, nurses, guidance counselors, coaches, etc. -Nicholas T., Mamaroneck

No. Creating long term debt for items that depreciate in value in just a few years makes no sense! -Wayne R., Malone

No. As a New York City educator I have never imagined myself agreeing with McMahon's point of view, but I have to concur for different reasons. Right now, most schools in NYS are imploding due to the mis-implementation of Common Core and the damaging layers of uncontained testing and so-called teacher evaluation. No amount of new equipment will reverse the destruction unloaded by a deaf education commissioner and a governor in witness protection. Neither government official has ever or will ever ask the people who work with the kids directly what they need to succeed. Toss the useless testing; establish realistic class size; enforce educational regulations long on the books that once made NY a stellar location for quality education. Science students do not have labs to complete mandatory work for Regents exams. Schools lack guidance counselors and social workers to support vast numbers of children in poverty. Music and art programs disappeared years ago. Kids of all ages are denied a school librarian (with certified librarian) all things that raise achievement across...worst case all i come levels. If someone offers a 3D printer, the principals line up for it. They have no idea why they want it or need it and no plan or budget to sustain it. What happens? Welcome to the potlatch, watch the goodies go to their personal patronage mills. When the novelty wears off or there is no supply money to feed the new toy, toss it aside, Christmas is over. Then a new pile of money/toys comes down the pike. Same bad administrative pattern. Same institutional stupidity. Has no one learned from the iPad debacle in the LA school district? We do not need to subsidize Bill, dead Steve, or any of their friends. Vote no! -Anonymous, NYC

The technology will be outdated years before we pay off the loan. -Phillip G., Guilderland

No. NY already has too much debt. New Yorker will be paying for decades for technology that will be obsolete in a few years at most. More reckless Democrat spending. -Bob P., Owego

No. It's too costly to do it this way. We should look at what money education is getting and see where that is going before any further investment. -Al N., Albany

No. Why waste more taxpayer money! -Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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