This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Jun 25, 2015


Do you think Donald Trump can win the Republican presidential nomination?

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Last Week's Results

Will Senate Democrats become the majority in 2016?

Yes: 54%

No: 46%

Your thoughts on the Senate Democrats:

Answer: No. "The state Democrats will however have the majority of federal and state prisoners." -Robert R., Phelps

Answer: Yes. "The GOP is carrying water for extremists who condone murdering abortion doctors and support racist policies against Syrian refugees." -Bob W., Albany

Answer: No. "They tax and spend too much, and they only care about New York City." -Anonymous

Answer: Yes. "GOP Presidential candidates never contest NY. Schumer will once again have a free pass. Democrats outnumber Republicans by 3 million. The GOP Senate will fall in 2016 just as the Roman Empire due to a Democratic tidal wave." -Larry P., Great Neck

Answer: Yes. "It is my hope that they will. All positive NY tenant legislation is shot down by the majority GOP state senate. No change will occur until Democrats control the state senate." -Mary C., New York

Answer: Yes. "Hillary is the only qualified candidate that will make the best educated decisions for our country." -Cornetta H., Brooklyn

Answer: Yes. "I'm an independent voter; my vote will be democratic. Need NY state Democratic majority in the senate." -Dahlia J., Dix Hills

Answer: No. "Traitors like Simcha Felder or Klein will defect even if GOP loses to stop a Black woman from being majority leader." -Wong E., Montreal, Canada

Answer: No. "IDC Will Grow." -Tommy M., Yonkers

Answer: Yes. "If Hillary is nominated and the GOP nominates Trump or Cruz Democratic candidates up and down the ballot may well
have the wind at their backs."
-Adam W., Hartsdale

Answer: Yes. "If not we will continue our downward spiral into the new Gilded Age." Tom R., Hagaman

Answer: No. "Democrats has racists in their contingent who won't support a black (i.e. rhymes with Simcha SmelledHer) and as Alan Chartock calls them traitors like Jeff Klein and the IDC." -Bob, Albany

Answer: No. "Cuomo needs an excuse to prevent liberal wins so he'll make a deal with IDC type Dems to defect to keep Flanagan in power." -Wong, E., Queens

Answer: No. "GOD FORBID!!!!!!!!! They have messed up things so badly. We need more legislators like former Sen. Serf Maltese from Middle Village (Queens)." -Charles, Bronxville

Answer: No. "Oh god, I hope not!" -Mike, Lockwood

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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