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Thu July 24, 2014

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Last Week's Results

How much more development would you like to see in the Adirondack Park?

A Significant Amount: 15%
A Little: 36%
None: 49%

Your comments on the Adirondack Park:

None. The gift of the park must not change. God's not making much new land. We need to keep what we have set aside as pure nature. -Anonymous

A little. Only if first supported by independent, scientific evidence of minimal environmental impact and only after careful consideration of long-term effects on all the Park's inhabitants. -Anonymous

A significant amount. Do away with apa. let the people of the north county take care of the Adirondack not New York City. -Anonymous

None. Why must people build on every square inch of land? I visited Yellowstone last year. Montana may be a "red state" but in many ways the natural environment is recognized as a means of making money. I saw more concern for preserving natural beauty there than in New York. It really opened my eyes to horror of over development. I would love to have a park like Yellowstone where I can see animals and the environment. Since Adirondacks is a New York State Park I don't want a private company making money off of what God created. -J.W., Yonkers

A little. I have no desire to turn the natural beauty of the park into a type of Disneyland Park, but there should always be some room for improvement and aiding the local economies. -Bruce T., Buffalo

A significant amount. I was transferred to the Plattsburgh area in 2001. After a couple of years of visiting almost all the attractions in the Adirondacks it's not something you can do year end and year out. It gets boring. Adirondacks need more attractions and places to go. -Anonymous

None. No way, no how! Why ruin the best part of this state for money. -Eric I., Elmira

A little. We need additional access for older citizens to enjoy the area. Right now, we are pretty much locked out since we're not able to hike in and sleep in shelters. -Sandy R., Harrisville

A significant amount. The Adirondack Park includes both public and privately-held lands. Development of the public lands--40% of the Park--is prohibited by the "forever wild" provision of the state constitution. Any development of the private lands depends on the decisions of private individuals, and the development of those lands is heavily controlled by the Adirondack Park Agency. If the Park Agency proceeds as it did with the Adirondack Club and Resort Project, the scale of development should not be a matter of concern. The environment of the Adirondacks will be preserved. -Hugo C., Glens Falls

N/A. The question is not whether home development can happen but where and how and how intense. Adk Club is sprawl and APA should never permit that. Subdivisions here should be clustered near roads and power lines. Backcountry forest should be left green for hunting fishing and forestry. That is what the law intends. -David G., Ballston Lake

None. The Park is at an ecological tipping point where additional development will fundamentally alter the ecological health of this region. The Adirondack Resort in Tupper Lake is just the latest, and largest example of the Park's demise - death by a thousand cuts. -Jim C., Mechanicville

A little. If we allow the greedy sorts that are forcing casinos on the public, and making our commercial streets look like a circus instead of a civilization, to "develop" areas in the Adirondacks, that would be a shame. -Susie S., Schenectady

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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