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Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Are you optimistic about Buffalo’s future?

Yes: 56%
No: 44%

Your thoughts on Buffalo:

Buffalo has created a great climate for new economy jobs, with a creative and livable community. But the best investment that can be made is in education (K-12 and Higher Ed). Investing in the knowledge economy is the surest way to revive Western New York's fortunes. - Liam M., Toronto ON

It is tempting to believe that Buffalo is really rebounding. However, the uneven distribution of funds - especially to Solar City - is placing too many taxpayer eggs in one basket. - Gary D., Brooklyn

My daughter started attending UB in 2009. Since then I have seen the tremendous growth in downtown Buffalo. It is an exciting and vibrant atmosphere. It is for the young and, after all, isn't that the future?  - Tom F., Niskayuna

Buffalo's economy goes up and down and ultimately it seems like over time the city just stands still. - Joe V., Jamestown

Not until Buffalo (and other rust-belt and/or northeastern cities) can find a foothold in some new economy, it will just continue to slide. We have seen what the service economy holds for old industrial based towns like Buffalo- it doesn't hold up, it's just a band aid trying to heal inevitable decay. The vast majority of working people in a service economy never make enough to get beyond that economy- it's a closed loop for too many. As for building projects and the like: a shiny bauble here or there will always appear- it would take a critical mass of such baubles to signify anything meaningful and long term for the city. It's frustrating to see. "Shining knights" like Mr. Pegula can come in and create their own fiefdoms, but until some universally needed thing that can be produced (and that production safeguarded) by Buffalo and Erie County, the slide will continue. )A Solar City production facility might be the start of something, if "Solar" really does become the go-to energy solution. It's as good a bet as any, right now., but it is still a "bet.") Even that is unlikely with the continuing effect of things like NAFTA and, coming soon, the TPP. - Branimir P., Albany

As long as NYC controls everything Upstate NY, including Buffalo, will be kept on poverty's doorstep. A thriving upstate politically scares the the NYC Democrats down to their pinky toes. - Bob P., Owego

Even with Governor Cuomo providing over $1 billion in economic assistance, the outlook is poor. With the loss of both Buffalo's industrial base and significant population over past decades, Buffalo may be on the road to become New York State's version of Detroit. - Larry P., Great Neck

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