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May 21, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think Republicans made the right choice in selecting John Flanagan as Senate Majority Leader?

Yes: 21%
No: 79%

Your thoughts on John Flanagan:

No. I was OK with it until he made clear he has no interest in ethics reforms, now I think he is just part of the problem. -Paul L., Schenectady

No. Republicans should stop doing Cuomo's bidding. Upstate needs representation! -Anonymous

No. I'm not certain. The proof of any leader of any political party or grouping is how effective they are under the worst conditions when their 'backs are up against the wall.' As I don't know much about Senator Flanagan and his track record, I will withhold judgment until he's proven - or not - how he'll perform in the most demanding circumstances. -William D., Yonkers

Yes. In order to hold on to their majority Republicans must retain their hold on the seats on Long Island.  The downside is that this part of the party is also the source of the corruption that is eating away at the party and indeed the state. -John M., Kew Gardens

No. Upstate needs representation.  Albany has abandoned upstate. -Mike, Lockwood

No. Another down state politician picked by Como behind the scenes. -Terri B., Phelps

No. Senator DiFrancisco had the votes until Gov. Cuomo personally intervened, outrageous for a Democratic Governor to personally and overtly intervene in a Republican party issue. -Richard V., Hilton

Yes. As good a choice as money can buy. -Collin T., Troy

No. Obviously not if he decided to keep the federally charged Libous as the deputy leader of the Senate. It obvious a deal was made. Same old business as usual. We need a revolution in NYS politics. -Geoff M., Saratoga Springs

No. He is just a clone of Dean Skelos carrying the same corrupt baggage. Upstate Senator Cathy Young would have helped bridge the gender gap and been a better choice. -Larry P., Great Neck

Yes. Flanagan is man of his word and will serve NYS with insight and grace. -Bruce D., Port Jefferson

No. Perhaps someone like Senator Betty Little who is as honest as the day is long plus she knows the Upstate and North Country better than anyone else. She nay well only be there for another 3 years thereby giving the Republican conference a much better chance of keeping control of the state senate in the future. Certainly there are questions about Flanagan's past associations on Long Island with Skelos etc. -Dean L., Tupper Lake

No. Apparently Flanagan does not recognize what 98% of scientists know:  that global climate change is the result of human activity.  To me, that disqualifies him for sure! -Susan W., Albany

No. We need more upstate representation at that level of state government. -Anonymous

No. He's just another crooked NYC/ LI politician and a Cuomo lapdog who will do the bidding of King Andy.  Upstate again gets it between the cheeks. -Anonymous

Yes. Both DeFrancisco & Flanagan were capable. Electing Flanagan is good leveraging of statewide institutional education knowledge. -Sheila K., Brooklyn

No. Repeal the unSAFE Act and repeal Common Core legislation NOW! -Nick C., Carmel

No. He seemed to be chosen by Skelos as a condition of resigning.  That's not right! -Anonymous

No. Isn't he just another Skelos, with basically the same baggage? -Bill B., Lake Placid

No. If we had geographical representation in the state senate as instituted by our founding fathers,the upstate candidate would be elected. Such representation was unconstitutionally invalidated by the Supreme Court.. This action gives NYC supreme dominion over the rest of the state. -Art N., Staatsburgh

No. They should have chosen Bronx' Jeff Klein, they need a traitor. -Bob, Albany

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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