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Thu October 30, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


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Last Week's Results

Who do you think won the gubernatorial debate?

Andrew Cuomo: 6%
Rob Astorino: 80%
Howie Hawkins: 9%
Michael McDermott: 5%

Your comments on the gubernatorial debate:

Howie Hawkins. The only candidate that stayed on track with answering the questions asked. He was also the only one that provided real answers to the problems we are facing in this state. The two main party candidates should be ashamed of themselves for acting like they did by bickering about each other instead of explaining how they planned to correct the serious problems facing New York residents. -Jack M., Schenectady

Howie Hawkins. Cuomo and Astorino were more concerned with smearing each other than giving straight answers. McDermott had answers that did not outline a solution, only bromides, and Hawkins had ideas for actions to take. He changed my mind about who I will vote for. -Robin S., Glenville

Howie Hawkins. Hawkins made an unexpected impression. Cuomo protected his lead well and Astorino confirmed the impression that he's not a very strong  candidate. P.S. I have already voted by absentee and will have to check the results on-line. -Don, Rochester

Rob Astorino. Cuomo skirted around every tough question and seemed extremely anxious. McDermott could have turned some people on to Libertarianism if he didn't say the word "libertarian" at the beginning of every sentence. Hawkins looked like he was using some of what he's campaigning for. Astorino simply owned the debate with facts and logic. -Jason H., Lagrange

Andrew Cuomo. Astorino has a personality problem that makes him unsuited for governor. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Andrew Cuomo's lies and false television ads and the way he snuck through the Safe Act in the middle of the night behind the backs of all New Yorkers. -Lewis P.

Rob Astorino. Mr. Astorino was more well-spoken and less arrogant than Andrew Cuomo. The third party candidates were buffers so Andy did have to go head to head with Rob nor give him more public facetime. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. CUOMO MUST GO! -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Andy Cuomo is a criminal and a tyrant. He requested to have MM, and HH present to help deflect any direct attack from Astorino. That was a strategic move by Princess Andy because he is scared. If there was proper campaign reform in place where there were budget caps, you would see a much closer race. Unfortunately, the progressive emperor has very rich donors who want to see NY State go full communist. -Jonny G., Somers

Rob Astorino. He did not lie! -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Rob was the clear winner hands down, and he is the only hope for New York State! Safe Act, Common Core, Cuomo's nasty comments against pro-life, pro-gun, pro traditional marriage people, should be enough to lose him the election. We need a grass roots landslide victory for Rob that even voter fraud won't be able to overtake in liberal NY state!  A victory for the people and the children that is won with far less money than Cuomo's millions! -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Rob's got a lot of heart. Andrew thinks he is above the law - both God's and man's - that is largely why his father lost his last election and more than likely why Andrew will lose this one.. -Amy R., Gloversville

Howie Hawkins. Hawkins not only was knowledgeable but he made the other candidates seem like hucksters, a type of politician we've had our fill of. -Dorothy R., Colonie

Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo did far better than Astorino. Astorino sounds like a snake oil dealer. He never stated what he would do for the 99%ers. How he will lower taxes for farmers, and those who are in the midst of foreclosing, how is he going to bring in jobs for the young and the older job seekers?! I have to say Mr. Hawkins had much to say and addressed the issues. I highly doubt he will be elected. I think Mr Cuomo should consider him for a position in the government. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. I think Astorino just hit Cuomo hard on a lot of his nonsense. I've only started researching them last month or so, and I've come to support Astorino, believing we need some change in NY. Maybe someone who is more conservative is what we need right now. Maybe. New York's "going in the right direction", quite frankly, isn't doing us too much good right now. I dunno, we'll see how things turn out. -Anonymous

Howie Hawkins. Only competent adult in the debate. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Most professional with best answers. -Matt C., Syracuse

Rob Astorino. Was direct, articulate and felt genuine. Plus he didn't obviously lie every time he opened his mouth. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Hawkins and McDermott should never have been allowed in this debate, they simply stole valuable time and provided cover for Baby Cuomo. -Steve C., Vestal

Rob Astorino. Cuomos gotta go. -MD C.

Rob Astorino. Cuomo shrieking racism is akin to Bolsheviks shutting up people by yelling counter-revolutionary. -Bob R., Liverpool

Rob Astorino. Astorino presented much better than Cuomo. Definite contrast between the honesty of Astorino and Cuomo. That's why he will not debate one on one with Astorino. Anyone that has a good record to run on is not afraid to debate. -John M., Amsterdam

Rob Astorino. With taxes high and fuel prices high and other states benefiting from limited energy independence,  Cuomo needs to go. He had no connection to us, real New Yorkers. -Dave O., Palmyra

Rob Astorino. Cuomo failed to directly answer any questions. poorly worded noncommittal defense. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. He showed his 'stuff' by standing up to the THUG. -Richard V., Hilton

Rob Astorino. He sounded the most educated and right ideas to help New York. He also seems honest not like the liar Cuomo. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Cuomo is a clown. Bob B., Albany

Michael McDermott. He held his own in a people manner. I liked his comment that They will always be around give us ONE chance, also his comments about education, CORE were understandable to parents who feel the same way. I thought that I would NEVER consider it but I just might give him and the Libertarians this ONE chance. I am glad that the debate was not just Cuomo & Astorino because we would have never heard the OTHER views. -Carol D., Halfmoon

Howie Hawkins. He spoke to issues. Cuomo and Astorino threw barbs at each other. -Dan C., Johnson City

Rob Astorino. Andy... shifty and dishonest. .. as always. .. say anything.. do anything to get elected. . like father - like son... -Kevin D., Stormville

Rob Astorino. Cuomo has not helped our state at all, I would vote for a monkey, before I would reelect Cuomo. -Rie

Michael McDermott. Watching Cuomo and Astorino was like watching two mafia bosses battling out to see who is going to rape my state next, for each one's crime family: Cuomo ( d ) Astorino ( r ) . -David J., Cairo

Rob Astorino. Rob Astorino did not lose his temper that Cuomo did, demonstrating Cuomo's bulling side. It was an unnecessary display on Cuomo's part. Cool heads are fundamental in public positions. Cuomo was weak on the questions about his corruption. -Kymberlie H., Catskill

Howie Hawkins. Rob Astorino made his points rationally & calmly. Cuomo revealed his true nature & behaved like the "bully" from his bully pulpit. He's not confident, but arrogant & tyrannical. Lastly, many Western New Yorkers believe Cuomo's "Billions for Buffalo" is a desperate election year vote buying scheme. -Edward, D., Kenmore

Howie Hawkins. Candidate Hawkins showed the greatest command of the facts, especially about hydraulic fracturing, and espoused the clearest vision for a future that addresses urgent needs regarding health care, climate change, and productive employment. -Kenneth B., Kenmore

Rob Astorino. Brought up great points about the corruption in Albany. -Jun L., White Plains

Rob Astorino. I think Cuomo is hiding something about Moreland Commission. -Anonymous

Howie Hawkins. Hawkins manages to look pretty good, even if you do not agree with a lot of his policies. Neither Astorino nor Cuomo has much to offer, both acting like cranky, arrogant jerks. Both believe voters are blind, stupid, deaf, and have the attention span of a two year old! Additionally, Cuomo insults every religious person in America proclaiming his "Catholic beliefs" in public. Practicing Catholics don't live with a concubine in the governor's mansion. -Barb, Queens

Rob Astorino. Andrew Cuomo appears to be a prevaricator and insincere political hack who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. -Olga D., Phoenicia

Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo successfully followed the infamous Rose Garden Strategy of ignoring underdog Republican challenger Astorino by refusing to participate in a series of public debates. Cuomo stalled until late October with the goal of agreeing to one or two last minute debates knowing full well that his election is already preordained.  Papa Mario Cuomo did the same to the late GOP Westchester County Executive Andrew O'Rourke when he ran against him in 1986. The Apple (Andrew) hasn't fallen far from the tree (Mario)! -Larry P., Great Neck

Michael McDermott. McDermott won in general because of his good humor and good, if ingratiating, sense - regardless of his asking some vague power to let people act, instead of just saying "people - ACT!"  For good facts and good insight, Hawkins won. For silliness and exaggeration, competitiveness & anger, Andrew & Astorino won. -Susan S., Schenectady

Michael McDermott. He came across as direct, honest, confident and he had good common sense answers. -Anna B., Albany

Howie Hawkins. Hawkins consistently made the most sense. His whole demeanor is unique. I am very disappointed but not surprised anymore on how the press lets the governor of the 3rd largest state have only one debate. I long for the days when the press had teeth and went after Kerry for renovating camps for the Lake Placid Olympics. I guess those days are gone for good. -Geoff M., Saratoga

Howie Hawkins. Hawkins did not sink to invective and personal attacks. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Astorino answered each question without becoming angry, showing and expressing his passionate sincerity. Cuomo is manipulative and has a slimy history with his cabinet members that the Federal Investigations should expose. -Albert R., Schenectady

Rob Astorino. When a man is ALLOWED to speak, the facts speak! -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Very trust worthy and honest. Our only hope to turn New York around! -Robert D.

Michael McDermott. The only guy who had the crowd laughing, while the other guys were just throwing temper tantrums! -Liz W., Saratoga Springs

Michael McDermott. He provided facts and wasn't attacking anyone. I don't think he has a chance to win, I had never seen him speak  before, but Cuomo and the  Common Core and the million dollar boys club have to go. -Claudette G., Ronkonkoma

Rob Astorino. Astorino said to all of us: "There is only one person here who has a criminal defense team."  :) versus Cuomo [lying FYI] "I have nothing to do with Common Core."  Cuomo has everything to do with Common Core. Cuomo has got to go! -Bruce F., Smithtown

Rob Astorino. I particularly didn't like Cuomo's nonsense that Astorino is anti-woman and racist - Cuomo didn't provide reason why voters should re-elect him whereas Astorino seems more in touch with Upstate concerns on the poor economy, lack of good jobs. Also didn't feel Cuomo gave a satisfactory answer about Moreland investigation, esp considering Cuomo has retained a criminal defense lawyer. Sick of the corruption, especially with NY democrats. -Anonymous

Rob Astorino. Rob told the taxpayer the truth, Albany is broken. Too much pay to play and the taxpayers take a financial bloodbath, change is needed. -Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

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