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Jun 25, 2015


Will you be voting in your Congressional primary?

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Last Week's Results

Do you believe this has been a productive legislative session?

Yes: 10%

No: 90%

Your thoughts on the legislative session:

State Legislature has not reined in Drug Company's and Medical Device maker's ability to Price Gouge New Yorkers despite what Spiderman Scheidermann says he can do. - Amy L., Guilderland

Where is the cut in income taxes? Sales tax, inheritance tax? Reduction in MTA subway/railroad fares? Need I go on? How much did Shel Silver receive in bribes to not do his job? The democrats are so concerned with what they can brag about to their districts in their usual arrogance that they forget about the needs of WE, THE PEOPLE, who pay them. This includes the governor, who is more concerned about re-election that the citizens of this great state. - Charles, Bronxville

Some useful legislation finally but at the last possible moment. Shame on them  for not actually working all this out months ago. Shame  on the Governor for all the political foot dragging. - Richard S., Albany

The failure to pass the Child Victim's  Act is the most significant failure of this legislative session. It equals the failure of Congress to enact any meaningful weapon ban. - Cathy S., Glenville

Can't call session productive without ethics reform. Withholding pensions is only a small part of reform.  Must tackle outside income.  Do these legislators go to Albany to get rich or to improve life for New Yorkers? - Dayle B., Rochester

I am very saddened by the ineffectiveness waste and corruption of our NY State government. We are being strangled by property taxes, state taxes, county taxes, city taxes. I can not convince my grown children who have great college educations, to live in NYS because we have fewer and fewer good jobs and more and poorer legislation. - Anonymous

State Street Lobbyists, Pay for Play, Special Interests and Corporate Welfare advocates benefited while taxpayers lost. - Larry P., Great Neck

No, the legislature did nothing to address ethics reform, close the LLC loophole or address elections voting issues. - Jane T., Albany

Cuomo, Flanagan and Boss Heastie get to divide the $5 BILLION surplus from Wall Street's record breaking mergers and take the credit for stewardship. Next 2 years will NOT have this surplus - Bob W., Albany

Still giving education the short end of the stick on state aid, what a joke! - Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson


Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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