This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think medical marijuana can help revitalize rural New York?

Yes: 48%
No: 52%

Your thoughts on medical marijuana in rural New York:

Yes. Medical Marijuana is specifically grown so that it does not have the chemical that makes people high, so there should be no problem taking it even before driving. -Yatir O., Albany

No. Legalizing medical marijuana will only create more headaches and problems than it will solve.  We don't need it.  But if the arrogant bleeding heart liberals wanna legalize medical pot, they should at least first evaluate how legal pot has worked (or not worked) in the other states that chose to jump into a false narrative, before they create more potheads in this state.  We already have more potheads than we need in this state without legalizing this poison. -Joe F., Brooklyn

No. Why would I think that? -Anonymous

Yes. I have experienced firsthand, the use of Merinol for treatment of fibromyalgia symptoms. Nine months of the use of. Excellent results. Due to the hate of a county health worker. My prescription was discontinued on her prevarication of the facts.  I reported her and had prof in black and white of her attack on myself and merinol using.  It' was all ignored, not one of nys agencies that would have disciplined this abuse, ignored b/c it was a "political drug" ! Ten years ago..... It's about time ny stops abusive behavior to patients being denied the medical benefits. To prefer prescribed opiates, causing life time addiction, over the merinol or medical marijuana is the blame for the abuse of opiates. People who ignored the abuse of the reports I made of the abuser from the Delaware county mental health worker should be ashamed.  What they did over the ten years past from my abuse....... It's just terrible, politics and medicine aren't the same. -Mr. David M., Mokay

No. I don't think this means that farmers ie., dairy, beefers, tree or just hay field sellers will be growing marijuana.  Once again the "State" will select some corporate group to be the growers at taxpayers expense. -Peter A., Endicott

Yes. 1 step closer to legal hemp, that's where the most economic benefits are. -Jeremy O., Cincinnatus

No. The New York Medical Marijuana Law is an obviously corporate sham.  Four dispensaries state wide?  In what reality do the legislators and governor reside?  Marijuana was made a schedule 1 drug by the Federal Government for Corporate (W.R. Hearst) and was also clearly RACIST.  The rhetoric offered by the interviewed legislators demonstrates that both women are out of touch with social reality as is the government.  Marijuana has been used by humans for thousands of years.  The USA is the only country on earth that prohibits cultivation of any variety of Cannabis Sativa to the detriment of the American Family Farmer. All varieties of Cannabis Sativa should be totally decriminalized. -David B., Jordanville

Yes. 5 permits is not enough for a state the size of NY. -Jerry K., Plattsburgh

Yes. Consumption of marijuana for both medical and recreational use is part of mainstream America, transcending generations. -Larry. P., Great Neck

No. This is the last thing this state needs...a upstate filled with a bunch of stoners! I don't think it will do anything beneficial for us, except to give people an excuse to get high & fry their brains out! 'Nuff said! -Bryan B.

No. The whole thing is a boondoggle.  More work for the understaffed rural PDs. -Barb, Queens

Yes. I believe it would not only help the economy but those individuals that would benefit from its use. Hopefully me. -James K., Staten Island

No. It may give a temporary boost but not long term .We need to bring manufacturing & light industry to upstate. So much land & so many people willing to work, a real shame. -Anny V., Rockville Centre

Yes. A tiny bit from the agriculture and related business.  More by having fewer, probably productive citizens going to jail for socially nonsensical reasons. -Kurt H., Schenectady

No. I don't live in farm country, but I'm quite sure that growing marijuana will help no one there; certainly smoking it is dangerous. -Robert M., The Bronx

No. Rural NY is totally misunderstood by downstate. Rural NY needs to be able to make its own decisions about property taxes, regulation, repealing the urban imposed burn ban , safe act and allow gas drilling in areas that want it.   Gimmicks like medical pot or gambling will not fix the overtaxed overregulated rural areas. –Anonymous

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