This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question

Jun 25, 2015


Do you believe the Republican National Convention was a success? 

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Last Week's Results

Which national political convention are you most interested in watching?

Republicans: 57%

Democrats: 43%

Your thoughts on the national political conventions:

Answer: Republicans. "Want to see how the elite handle their rejection, they may cry in their champagne" -Maggie S., Malta

Answer: Republicans. "Considering the extreme departures from civility, pragmatism, and even reality as expressed by the presumed Republican presidential candidate and the proposed Republican platform, it promises to be a fascinating, surreal, dystopian mind-trip. It should be more interesting than the Democratic convention where everyone more or less agrees on the basics, like rationality and moving the country into the rest of the 21st century as a cooperative, representative democracy." -Kurt H., Schenectady

Answer: Democrats. "The Democrats are united, organized and supporting Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Nominee. We are stronger together. They are running a very positive campaign. Clinton has experienced and she is a unifier. Hillary Clinton will be the First Woman President of the USA. She is stronger and always looks presidential. She will make a difference in our lives. She is respectful of everyone and will represent the USA with dignity and intelligence. Trump does not respect anyone. He will be very dangerous to our country. Hillary Clinton is an outstanding human being and a great person. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to give you my opinion. By the way, you have an outstanding program and we watch your program every day." -Maria T., New York City

Answer: Republicans. "The DNC (Clinton family) has a "Reagan Democrat" I'm more interested in seeing if the Republicans can put together a consensus platform." -Larry F., Mamaroneck

Answer: Republicans. "This presidential election will probably go down in history as the first whereby the presidential candidates of each party will end up being irrelevant because those of us who will vote will do so more so because who the VP candidates are. Many of us, WE THE PEOPLE, are unhappy with who the president candidate are (Don the Buffoon and Lying Hillary), and may end up voting for our party's candidates only because we like the VP choice." -Charles, Bronxville

Answer: Democrats. "I’d love to watch both....but I guess I'll have to make do." -MaryAnne B., Schenectady

Answer: Republicans. "To observe the intense chaos up front, so we can get a real perspective on what it will be like if they take power. Horrific!" -Dumar E., New York City

Answer: Democrats. "I will probably watch both, Republican just for the entertainment." -Linda W., Greenfield Center

Answer: Democrats. "I'll hear some real debate over issues in the Democratic convention. "Sixty Minutes" is on at the moment and Trump is contradicting himself and saying he'll do a lot of things he'd never have the power to do. We're hearing about all his "wonderful relationships" and his boasting. Not much on issues, but many personal attacks. His running mate? Another ideologue from the right-wing cookie cutter." -Don J., Rochester

Answer: Republicans. "The Republican Convention will be the only one that will have solutions for the financial and military quagmire that we've been in for the last 7 + years." -Dolores Y., Mayfield

Answer: Republicans. "The Republicans will be more interesting." -Jim C., Clymer

Answer: Democrats. "Where's the option for "neither"? Both presumptive candidates are lousy." -Warren M., Cohoes

Answer: Republicans. "The usually boring GOP Convention is interesting with the Donald and Rudy. Hillary is eight years too late!" -Steve, Saratoga Springs

Answer: Democrats. "Dems are always more interesting and entertaining." -Martin G., Niskayuna

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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