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Feb 19, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Would you like to see Republican Congressman Chris Gibson run for statewide office in 2018?

Yes: 88%
No: 12%

Your thoughts on Gibson for statewide office in 2018:
I have met him several times and honestly can't think of a more honest, upright man. I would support him and sincerely hope he runs for some state government office. - Kathleen C., Rensselaer 
New York needs someone who is more honest about solving the continued decline in population, our economy and the corruption in Albany. Gov. Cuomo has been a failure with al three- especially corruption. - Jim, Clymer
Reasonable, thoughtful, committed, forthright and honorable. We need leaders like Congressman Gibson. - Mark W., Troy

The governor from Kinderhook!- Ridge H.

Yes! His intelligence and reasoned response to complicated  issues goes beyond politics as usual.  If we had more congressmen like him, we would not have gridlock in Washington. - Hal R., New York City

Saw him for the first time on New York NOW this morning.  Liked what he had to say and how he said it. - Ellen K., Bronx
Why not, next step to a leadership position. He won a seat that was assumed to be lost, he did the job for the voters in his district and was returned to the job. - Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

Chris Gibson would make the Best Governor of New York State ever. Returning the freedom of Choices to the people. End the liberal Democratic Rule of false laws. Repeal the Safe Act now and you can stay in your law practices. - John B., Hannacroix
He is a high integrity leader who has proven to put his constituents first ahead of his party.  He would be an excellent choice for Governor. - Jim A., Troy
Never heard of him.  What about Fred  C. Ryan for Governor in 2018? - Joe F., Brooklyn

There is no question in my mind that Chris Gibson should be nominated as Governor of the of the State of New York  One - If not the most honest man or women currently in Congress. - Harold K., Durham

I believe he would make a good Governor, he is honest, educated, knows what he is doing and I know he would do what is right for the people and he gets things done.I trust him.If i was in the military with him, I know he would have my back. - Nancy K., Preston Hollow

Chris Gibson has kept a heart of service and has not let his position and the power it brings go to his head. He listens to both sides and sees his constituents as New Yorkers and not as political party members. - Gilda K., West Kill

I don't support any Republicans, no matter what. - Arnold V.W., Greece

I have know Chris since he was a kid. He's a educated,moral man with good ideas. We need more politicians like him. - Jan H., Rensselear

While I may not agree with all his views, I respect his honesty and integrity......which are currently in short supply in State politics. - Gary S., Voorheesville
He would be a better candidate against Senator Charles "the government is your nanny and can pay for everything" Schumer in 2016. - Larry P., Great Neck
He's a RHINO and NYS already has too many of them. - Bob P., Owego NY
Definitely Gibson for Governor!   - Walt L., Woodstock

If elected Governor, Congressman Gibson would be able to clean up the corruption in the state legislature. Gibson's reputation is one of honesty, ethics, fairness, and concern for "the people". - Maria L., Chatham

Sure why not. -  Bill, Watertown

We need more representatives like Chris Gibson who are more interested in getting things done, than they are party politics!- William H., Stockport
Congressman Gibson has managed to maintain excellent hometown loyalty while serving his constituents in the House and is a beacon of the bipartisanship to which the whole of the United States government should aspire. -Katie S., Lloyd Harbor   
He's a hard working and caring individual. - Kaitlyn M., Albany

Congressman Gibson has been a model leader in Congress. He is possibly one of the most sincere legislators of our time.  His willingness to learn and develop greater understanding of government and his leadership skills developed during his military service would make him an excellent executive for a state in such turmoil. - Megan P., Victor
Would do a great job - can trust him.  He keeps his word. - Karen V., Clifton Park
Unless he can commit to support the fracking ban & deny big oil access to NYS once Gov Cuomo leaves office. - Roger J., Sharon Springs

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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