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12:00 pm
Thu October 16, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


Will you be voting yes or no on Prop 3, the 'Smart Schools Bond Act of 2014?' Click here to take survey


Last Week's Results

Will you watch the gubernatorial debate on October 22?

Yes: 71%
No: 29%

Your comments on the gubernatorial debate:

Yes. Just to see Prince Andrew come out of the witness protection program (Rosegarden Strategy) and actually debate Rob Astorino. It is the battle of David (Astorino) versus Goliath (Cuomo)! -Larry P., Great Neck

No need to. It's all BS anyway. I know what the different candidates stand for. Gov Cuomo is full of lies anyway.. Truth anyone?? -Arnold VW., Greece

Yes. Since this debate includes more than just the two corporate party candidates, it might be informative to voters. -Brian F., Glens Falls

Yes. Will Cuomo even show up? -Anonymous

No. Better things to do. Cuomo will win the election anyway, and both will distort reality so much it won't make me any wiser. -Anonymous

Yes. Although I know I will be voting for Astorino. I want to see how Cuomo wiggles out of tough questions -if somebody is brave enough to ask them. Astorino is NY's only hope to get us out of last place in most things that we used to be first in! Cuomo's gotta go! It's tough to teach kids not to be bullies when we have one for a governor. -Nancy R., Castleton

Yes. GO ROB!!!!!! -Bob P., Owego

No. I said it before, and I'll say it again--having other people there besides Governor Cuomo and Rob Astorino is an unnecessary distraction. -Robert M., The Bronx

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