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Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for president?

Yes: 44%
No: 56%

Your thoughts on Hillary Clinton:

She lacks the passion and conviction that you see in Bernie Sanders and, God forbid, Donald Trump. People are tired of the "stay on point at any cost" politician's whose only conviction is winning. - Bill G., Guilderland

Sadly, "legacy" presidencies are becoming the norm. Public office, whether at the local, state, or congressional level, shouldn't be a "family business." - Michael B., Bronx

Her name ID, pay for play campaign kitty and independent political action committees will raise and spend $1 billion plus leaving Hillary head and shoulders above opponents Bernie Sanders, Lincoln Chafee, Jim Webb and potentially Joe Biden who have as much chance of beating Hillary as you or I winning a million dollar lotto. - Larry P., Great Neck

Yes, she has the money to do it but it won't quite be as easy as originally thought by the public and the press. Besides, she looks pretty "normal" next to the Republican circus. - Barb B., Queens

In the end, money and overwhelming political experience and ambition will vanquish Bernie's populist passion and McGovern-esque appeal. - Ken F., Stuyvesant

She has the background and experience to deal with the international issues which today's global neighborhood presents - Joanne H., Bellmont

She has too much baggage. The Clinton dynasty needs to end. - Michael P., Hudson

Bernie Sanders says what he thinks. Hillary say what she thinks people want to hear. Which one do you trust? - Chris C.

The current popularity of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is a sure sign that voters do not want a repeat of Clinton or Bush or any candidate viewed as mainstream. The electorate is fed up and is seeking someone fresh and very different. 2016 may be the year 3rd party candidates like Jill Stein do particularly well. - Tom J., Rochester

Sanders isn't even a Democrat, yet thinks he'll be crowned as one. No chance buddy. - Amber O., Lockport

I hope so---she is the weakest democrat w/ all her scandals (Cellphone-gate, Whitewater, Vince Foster, Benghazi, etc), for any Republican to beat, whether Govs. Huckabee or Walker, Sens. Cruz or Rubio, Carly Fiorina, et al. I can hardly wait. - Ralph K., Bensonhurst

Even Dems don't find her to be trustworthy - Steve W., Valatie

She belongs in jail! - Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

She likely will be the nominee but I do not think she should be. I feel that her drive to be president is only to server her ego for her legacy and not for the benefit for the country. She acts completely glib when asked about the issues like the email server, people rights, the economy and Benghazi. I do not feel that she can be honest and forth coming with us.

I think she would just be another divisive person in the government. That would not help us grow as a country. - David R., Watchung, NJ

I believe her past is finally catching up to her. She has been surrounded by scandal most of her career and can no longer hide from or make a joke if it. She is proving to the world that she can not be trusted and her word means nothing. - Kerry M., Guilderland

She's still the best option for the Democrats. - Steve S., Bethpage

I think Bernie is gaining some momentum and like Obama he has the ability to speak to the people and gain support. I for one am excited to seeing happen. - Van B., Farmington

Go Bernie!!! - Andreas N., Germantown

I do believe she'll win the nomination although based on her campaign team's clumsy and tone deaf handling of questions about her State Department e-mail use, funding for the foundation she and her husband have set up and her keeping journalists away from her - in one case with a rope(!) - she does seem to be trying NOT to be the nominee. - William D., Yonkers

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