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Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think state legislators should get a pay raise?

Yes: 20%

No: 80%

Your thoughts on a pay raise for state legislators:

Without meaningful ethics legislation, or closing the LLC loophole, or fair and honest redistricting - not only should they not get a pay raise - they should be fired! - Bill G., Guilderland

The proposed raise for NYS legislators of 47% is a just raise and long overdue but only if it is administered stepwise with the increase in the basic minimum wage. The amount of fiscal corruption in our state government is a result of basic human failings of envy and greed. Our legislators create laws and regulations that affect private business, the proprietors of which have incomes that are ten to ten thousand times as great as our legislators salaries. Until paid lobbyists access to government is curtailed, and there is a drastic restructuring of campaign finance laws, temptation leading to greed will occur at the horrendous failure rates we have experienced. The Judiciary should have had their increase while Hon. Judith Kaye was still on the bench. - Desmond A., Brooklyn

Why should they, no one else is getting a raise so why should day be any different? - John M., Ganesvoort

If the rest of us don't get pay raises or if we do we are lucky to get 2%. They want 47%. No way! - Lisa H., Rochester

Pay raises should be given when accomplishments are achieved. NY has none. - Mike K., Irondequoit

they work part time and can have outside income and many of them miss lots of votes. No way do they deserve a raise, especially if the citizens who will be paying for it through their taxes don't get to vote on it and it is instituted through a panel's recommendation. - Martha H., Albany

Why should they? They are not doing their job and they only work a couple months out of the year! - Tom P., Newark Valley

I think they should get some raise, but nothing close to $116,000.  That would make them the highest paid state legislature in the country, even though they are in session for only a short period of time.  California's legislators make $100,000, but they are in session 9-10 months a year.  Plus, if they get this big a raise, they should be required to give up their per diems and other benefits. - Tania F., Albany

You can criticize do-nothing state representatives all you want, but having no raises for nearly two decades means, increasingly, that only the wealthy can be legislators. Or, alternatively, that less well-off legislators will have that much more incentive to accept graft.  Is that what we want? I don't. Legislators should be paid a reasonable amount based on their high standing in state government.  Complaints about corruption, or doing nothing, is a separate issue that should be strongly pursued on its own merits. - Kurt H., Schenectady

They are public servants, not welfare politicians so they are serving because they actually want to affect change for the benefit of the voters - Seymour H., Hopewell Junction
Not until they pass real Ethics Reform. - Jonathan, New Rochelle

Legislators would have fewer corruption temptations if they got a decent wage.  What they make now is inadequate, especially for downstate lawmakers. - Priscilla D., Delmar

They work less and get paid more than everyone I know already! - Trysha A., Malta

Until legislators enact meaningful ethics reform they do not deserve a raise! - Constance L., Plattsburgh

No raise until they give up all other outside income...they should be full time legislators, dedicated to their constituents and the wellness of our state!    Then they may deserve a raise. - Roy T., St. Johnsville

We should be payed for putting up with their corruption!! - Frank M., Manchester

pay them a million upon election on promise not to pursue and paying work at all. If no crime they keep the million and get a lifetime pension of $100K - Amy K., Guilderland

You must be joking! When did you start running a comics section. - Larry P., Great Neck
They have families too and maybe it would help reduce the temptation of corruption. - Jame K., Staten Island

The legislators should get a much smaller raise but absolutely not 47%. - Jean S., New York

A base salary of $79,500 is more than enough for a part-time job. They only have 65 scheduled work days a year. It doesn't matter to me that they haven't gotten a raise since 1999. They all knew when they ran for the job what the pay was. Besides most have another source of income. None of them are hurting for money. - Jerry F., Summit

yes, but only a small one that matches state workers. - Dan L., Rochester

The lawmakers deserve be thrown out of office and replaced by honest working class representatives. They do not deserve a pay raise - Mike, Lockwood

Pay should keep up with the cost of living. As to part time vs. full time, and outside income, that debate should continue. But an increase in base pay is overdue. - Gary D., Brooklyn

No, simply because They make $79,500 a year now, a substantial salary. That's much more than a lot of people earn now. - Cynthia A., Bay Shore

They knew what the pay was when they were elected. I wish I could ask my boss for a 50% pay raise.what do you think the answer would be! - Ed R., Amherst

Incentive to work for us. No one would feel appreciated if they were not given a raise, especially for such a long period of time. - Melinda V., Harrisville

If we wish to make Democracy permanent in this country Let US abide by the Fundamental Principles laid down in the Constitution let US see that the State is the servant of its people and the people are not the servants of the state They are in a position now to take our offer which is of minimum wage and this being retroactive from the day they were elected to office! - Joel B., Schenectady

The pay raise should be tied to new ethics rules and restrictions on outside income. We want the best people to serve in public office, not just those who are independently wealthy or have high-paying second jobs. Outside employment should be banned and other outside income restricted and thoroughly disclosed to the the public. Legislators should be working for their constituents and not their outside clients or personal business interests. - Marc R., Brooklyn

My wife and I operated a small business for 43 yrs.continuing  my father's start from 1949. We housed and fed ourselves and our child and lived comfortably  on 40K + -  yearly. If these legislators can't live on what they earn, they should re-evaluate their spending habits! - Lynne & Joe H., Morrisonville

Since they seem to accomplish nothing except more regulations to hold back the citizenry I think a pay cut is more in order - Dave H., Buffalo

I don't object to the pay raise as much as the amount. It's ridiculous in this environment where we are lucky to get cost of living @ 1.5%. - Challen A., Brewster

They earn too much now! - Mike W., Manchester
yes the state legislators should get a raise, and the raise should be in proportion to their productivity. - Peter A., Queens
Only if there is a cap on their outside income.  Right now, the only thing the GOP dominated Senate does is vote down everything the Assembly passes.. - Mary C., New York City

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