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Jun 25, 2015


Do you agree with the decision by the state to reject the Constitution Pipeline?

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Last Week's Results

Do you agree with the slower phasing-in of the minimum wage in upstate?

Yes: 29%

No: 71%

Your thoughts on the minimum wage phase-in:

Answer: Yes. "If a minimum wage is going to be raised, it should be tied to inflation: it shouldn't be rising faster than the cost of living." -Warren M., Cohoes

Answer: Yes. "The two-thirds of NYers who live south of the Rockland-Orange County border with the HV live in a much higher cost economy with lots of jobs." -Wong E., Queens

Answer: Yes. "$9 today for Troy is fine and $10 won't hurt jobs and $12 as early as 2017 is also probably not so high to kill jobs. Buy Manhattan can easily take $15 today without ANY ANY job loss. -Man in Colonie

Answer: No. "Bye, bye jobs, call uncle Andy when you get pink slip!" -Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

Answer: No. "I accept the deal. Better than no increase however NYC and Upstate ought to have both had the same scale. Sure housing cost more in Metro but transportation cost are greater upstate. Both would have offered greater/better stimulus to the NYS economy." -James T., Marcy

Answer: Yes. "I think the phase is should not be slower, but that it should stop at $12.50 until more actual data is reviewed. The large caveat is that for larger areas such as Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse, increasing the rate more is necessary. Should someone in the Town of Newfane, or the Town of Randolph get the same rate as someone in the city of Rochester?" -Warren H., Albany

Answer: No. "$15 is not enough anywhere. Small business is fine in Seattle. Businesses, small and large are living off the taxes paid by you and me to support their work force. That is wrong and unfair." -Anonymous

Answer: No. "Having 6 college degrees, including an MBA in Sustainable Business, and currently working for $11.50/ hour, I feel that a faster phasing-in is required. NY State should remove the regression burdens on small business via elimination of franchise taxes and the like. After all people need to make money in order to spend it, especially upstate. -David U., Rensselaer

Answer: No. "I wish big corporations, such as Walmart, would be required to start the $15.00 minimum wage right away." -Anonymous

Answer: Yes. "Only if there is an even slower phasing to support salary increases for members of the State Legislature combined with
having to work full time just like their constituents." -Larry P., Great Neck

Answer: No. "No. While I agree that people need a living wage to support their families, this is a twisted bill with a lot of publicity for the governor, not real solutions. Nassau and Queens are treated quite differently, yet there is no iron wall at the edge of the five boroughs, and the labor market is quite porous for those with access to transportation. Also, I would not equate packing hamburgers with caring for medically fragile elderly, a completely different skill and judgment set." -Barb, Queens

Answer: No. "Get ready for the $10 burger not including shakes and fries." -Joe V.

Answer: No. "It should begin immediately and across the Empire State." -Mike B., Niagara County

Answer: No. "Legislators should be paid $12.50 per hour. They would quickly agree to $15." -Jim R., Clarendon

Answer: No. "15 dollars an hour is 15 dollars an hour. That is state wide. Our food prices and rent pricing is the same as you pay down state. We knew there would be a catch. You can forget about my vote in coming elections or my family's or friends. Liars." -Rat M., Saranac Lake

Answer: Yes. "The different phase-in reflects the different standards of living of the different regions. This accommodation, together with the different mutli-year phase-ins and re-look are a reasonable compromise." -Mark, Kinderhook

Answer: No. "The increase in the minimum wage is a major blunder by Comrade Andrew Cuomo and his fellow socialists. The increase, at whatever rate it goes into effect, will have drastic negative effects on the local economy and will lead to cuts in jobs and working hours. As I stated a few weeks ago in a similar poll question, anyone who doubts this really needs to read BASIC ECONOMICS (3rd, 4th or 5th editions) by Dr. Thomas Sowell, a world renowned leading economist." -Charles, Bronxville

Answer: No. "How about phasing in state income tax, state sales tax, state speed limit, lgbtq rights? No to all!" -Rob H., Schoharie

Answer: No. "It should be really interesting in the next election when the Republican Senators, mostly from Upstate, try to explain to their constituents why they think they are only worth $12.50, while those Downstaters are worth $15.00. Don't they have anybody who thinks about these things?" -J. Michael M., Albany

Answer: No. "The cost of living is high and they need the 15 now." -Tommy M., Yonkers

Answer: No. "The phasing in should be immediate state wide." -Anonymous

Answer: No. "This is the strategy of a very unpopular and anti-worker governor trying to shore up his support by seeming reasonable and "incrementalist" about wages. He's on the wrong side of history. Pull the Band-Aid off and pay $15.00 an hour today! I employ 32 people and we are all tired of paying backdoor payroll subsidies to Walmart, McDonald's, GE and their ilk. Worker productivity says we are worth $23.00 an hour and we are only demanding $15.00 tied to Cost of Living. Governor Cuomo's desperate and empty attempt to pander to unions and the faux-progressive Working Families crowd is just that ... desperate and empty. It's clearly time to stop voting for corporate lobbyists and time to start electing fellow workers, instead." -Matt F., Hudson Falls

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