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Thu September 25, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


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Last Week's Results

Do you think Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins should be included in the gubernatorial debates?

Yes: 96%
No: 4%

Your comments on Howie Hawkins:

Yes. After Teachout's strong showing, it is clear that voters want a progressive alternative to Cuomo and Hawkins' poll numbers are rising sharply. -Charles D., Ithaca

Yes. How are voters supposed to make intelligent choices at the ballot box if they can't hear all points of view? This is even more important now, as the electoral process is so corrupted by big money. -Jon F., Troy

Yes. Democratic decision making should encourage the exchange of ideas and discussion of issues from various perspectives. Restricting debate to only those candidates reflecting corporate interest censors the citizens of New Yorker from hearing the Green Party's platform. The major parties fear many voters would support Howie Hawkins if he is able to explain his progressive positions in an open debate. -Mike K., Grafton

Yes. Anybody on the ballot should be included in the debates. The voters deserve a chance to hear all candidates' views and positions. How else are we to exercise our civic duty properly? -Susan W., Albany

Yes. That's not a question that would ever be asked if America had anything resembling a democracy. America doesn't have a democracy because it has too many Democrats. -David J., Delhi

No. The debate should be one-on-one between the Governor and Rob Astorino--including anybody else would invite too much digressing. -Robert M., The Bronx

Yes. The debates should not be just those that are Democrat or those that are Republican (the 2 major parties) but ALL parties that are in that particular race should be included in the debates. We are a country that allows all voices to speak up except when it comes to the political debates. -Jen C., Saratoga Springs

Yes. Given the Teachout surprise in the primary, and the general lack of debating thus far, Mr. Hawkins' voice should be added to the fray. -Gary D., Brooklyn

Yes. If this election has any semblance to a democratic process then Hawkins must be included. The simple fact that he is having to fight to participate in a public debate illustrates the sad state of politics and democracy in our society today.  What are they so afraid of? -Lee C., Newburgh

Yes! He's a legitimate candidate and has positions that deserve discussion. -Anonymous


Yes. The "yes" is contingent on Hawkins drawing at least 10% in independent public opinion polls. The 10% threshold has been the League of Women Voters standard in presidential elections since 1980, when John Anderson was invited and again in 1992 and 1996 when Ross Perot ran a strong 3rd party campaign. -Mark, Kinderhook

Yes. The voters would like to hear what the Green Party has to say. -Ann B., Chatham

Yes. I hope this is a rhetorical question. Duh!  -Mike M., New Hope

Yes. All candidates who are on the ballot should have he opportunity to debate all other candidates on the ballot. -Syndee Z., Medford

Yes. I have always felt that our limited choices in a country  as large as USA was totally unfair to those who work so diligently to become a part of our government...our so  called land of the free... our so called democratic way. Let us hear what they have to say; let us vote as we think, not by choosing mickey or donald ... It's just not fair! Dennis Kucinich was not allowed to enter the presidential debate in Las Vegas... even with a judge's ruling, TV banned him! Is that democratic?  We shout democracy to the world, yet when Palestine voted for Hammas and when Egypt voted for Moursi we chopped their democracy off at the ankles...... -Rain M., Albany

Yes. Everyone and anyone on a ticket should be able to debate his or her side of political arguments. It's called democracy. -Charles D., New York City

Yes. We need more voices and choices than just the same tired, old two dominant parties. Let the Greens, Libertarians, Socialists, etc. debate. If the mainstream news actually covered candidates & their views equally, the public would vote for more than just Dems & Repubs. -Art C., Plattsburgh

Yes. "Other" ideas can't be bad. Hawkins represents a group of New Yorkers and he deserves to be heard. -Tom R., Hagaman

Yes. Cuomo will reluctantly agree to include Mr. Hawkins so as to project an appearance of openness. Arrogant Cuomo will use this forum to make Mr. Hawkins appear as a trivial fringe candidate. Mr. Hawkins will certainly be tested by this manipulative pol who's had decades perfecting his Teflon message & style. -Edward D., Kenmore

Yes. What is to explain? He is on the ballot. Is this not a democracy? -Anonymous

Yes. The two party system has squashed any resemblance of a true democracy. Voting citizens deserve to hear the viewpoints of all candidates running, not just the candidates with the most money. -Tom L., Lindenhurst

Yes. Important issues ('how to' grow NY working middle class median income; NY clean water protection from fracking, etc.). -Lorraine B., Tupper Lake

Yes. We need to hear all of the ideas, so that we can vote for the candidate that best reflects our needs and values. -Anonymous

Yes. Nearly 60K people voted for him in 2010. How can media ignore all of these voters? -Jennifer W., Yonkers

Yes. He is the only non-millionaire candidate, the only trade unionist candidate, and the only progressive candidate... -Aaron A., Jackson Heights

Yes. No candidate should be blocked from debating. Voters have a right to hear what each candidate has to say. The system is rigged to block out 3rd party candidates. -Sharon S., Minerva

Yes. Educated voters is key to any democracy.....people have the right to hear all the candidate's platforms. -Angela S., Lyon Mountain

Yes. I'd like to see his point of view represented. He is not a frivolous candidate. -Jim M., Scotia

Yes. In a healthy democracy we wouldn't even have this survey..... -Linda L., Saratoga Springs

Yes. Rob Astorino (Republican), Michael McDermott (Libertarian), Jimmy McMillan (Rent is 2 Damn High) and Howie Hawkins (Green) along with an empty chair if Emperor Andrew will not show. -Larry P., Great Neck

Yes. No Democracy without choices. -Michael P., Port Washington

Yes. We live in a democratic republic not a fascist dictatorship. If elected officials are frightened to debate real candidates (ANYONE who is on the ballot), they should be immediately disqualified from the race. -Matt F., Glens Falls

Yes. In a democracy, all voices should be heard. -Anonymous

Yes. We need a full political discourse where a wider range of views beyond D and R are discussed in order to have a genuine democratic culture in our country. This is not happening right now! -Anonymous


Yes. The citizens need to be represented fairly and the incumbents, sadly, disproportionally represent the interests of the corporate and financial power brokers. -Anita B., Nanuet

Yes. His views are shared buy a large enough proportion of New Yorkers to require his participation. -Helen S,, Freeport.

Yes. All candidates should be treated equally. -Anonymous

Yes. New Yorkers deserve to hear all the candidates' views. -Carol G., Syracuse

Yes. Otherwise let’s not pretend we live in a democracy. It begs the question: what are the Democrats and Republicans so afraid of? -Anonymous

Yes. The people deserve a chance to hear a politician who offers more than just the same old same old offered by the duopoly. -Anonymous

Yes. We need to break the two party system - which is crushing democracy. -Anonymous

Yes. Someone has to represent the Democratic Party of Roosevelt and Kennedy. -Michael L., Greenfield Center

Yes. Howie Hawkins is a voice for the people and is a legitimate candidate. He should have the right to debate his positions and let the people decide. That's Democracy. -Andrew S., Palumbo

Yes. Any candidate who has achieved ballot access should be allowed to debate. Whether to debate or not to debate, and who is allowed to debate, should not be determined by the incumbent candidate, as is the case now. Debates should be mandatory, a set number of debates should be determined, and all candidates who have achieved ballot access should be included. All of this should be regulated by an entity such as the secretary of state or an independent debate commission. -Michael T., Cary, North Carolina

Yes. The two main parties serve the rich and powerful. Who serves the rest of us? Who will speak to our issues? -Dave G., NYC

Yes. Everyone running for the office should be included. It's not just democrats and republicans who get that chance. Everyone should be heard. -Anonymous

Yes. He's on the ballot, he's in the debate. Pretty simple! -Wally B., Oneonta

Yes. It's very simple. Because we live in a Democracy. -Andrew G., Middletown

Yes. Hawkins would force a discussion on trickle-down economics, quid pro quo, and the assault on public education. -Brian O., Stormville

Yes. In order for an informed decision with any political race all candidates should have the same opportunities to state their case to the people. -Ryan C., Duanesburg

Yes. The establishment parties do not represent the will of the people. Mr. Hawkins has garnered enough support to allow his voice to be heard. -Patrick O., Syracuse

Yes. But there won't be any debates anyway, at least not with Cuomo in them. -Anonymous

Yes. This is a democracy and with Howie polling double digits it is important that his voice, the only remaining progressive voice be heard. -Theresa P., Albany

Yes. Mr. Hawkins and the green party are a breath of fresh air for progressives. The existing entrenched 2 party system is failing to serve the desires of the people. -Catherine A.

Yes. Hawkins is  now the only progressive that could  represent 40% of the voters who voted for Teachout, and  excluding him would create a very negative reaction from voters. -Lisa B.

Yes. Otherwise all pretense at democracy is shown for a farce. -Ben T., Easthampton

Yes. More choices the more pressure on those running to tell us how they are going to support the poor and working class, including teachers. -Anonymous

Yes. The voice of the people must be heard. The Green Party represents part of the electorate not considered by the moneyed, corporate interests of the Rep and Dem parties. -Elizabeth WP., Poughkeepsie

Yes. He is asking all the right questions and no one else is. Why not include him? He is honest, smart and knows what’s going on in NYS. -John W., Albany

Yes. The two party system does not represent my interests or the interests of so many other working New Yorkers. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have pledged allegiance to the financial sector and business class, not the people they were elected to represent. We need an alternative and one that will fight for meaningful school reform, green jobs, and living wages for all New Yorkers, not just those that are lining the pockets of politicians. -Colin W., New York City

Yes. Open debates, ‘nuff said. -Frank C., Syracuse

Yes. Of course! He is the only Progressive candidate left in the race. A vote for Hawkins is a vote for reason. -Joe G., New Hampton

Yes. Open Democracy requires all candidates for high office to be able to express their views in a public forum. There is no excuse for forced secrecy in any way in today's already pernicious political climate. -Michael S., Watertown

Yes. The 2-party system hasn't worked for a very long time. More voices (parties) will only improve (what is left of) our democracy. -Cheryl P., Gaines

Yes. Howie Hawkins is the only anti-fracking candidate that NYS has. The Marcellus shale requires pipelines and storage facilities. It will be #1 issue for next 10-20 years. -Anonymous

Yes. ALL the candidates should be represented, like Michael McDermott, Jimmy McMillan and Steven Cohn!  If they are on the BALLOT, they should be allowed to DEBATE. -Robert S., Deer Park

Yes. Howie Hawkins is fierce and intelligent and his poll numbers keep going up. The Green Party achieved ballot status in 2010 with Howie's candidacy, without riding the coat tails of one of the major parties. The corporate parties should not be allowed to control public political debate. We are living in challenging times, with rising inequality and a growing climate crisis. Howie's got the solutions New Yorkers need to hear about. -Ursula R., Syracuse

Yes. And candidate that fights the inclusion of other minor party candidates is afraid. -John R., Massapequa

Yes. We need free and open debates. Candidates should not be allowed to run without debating out their ideas in the public. -Adriano C., New York City

Yes. Equal access for all qualified candidates! -Josh K., Croton-on-Hudson

Yes. Democratic Party primary voters made crystal clear that they want an alternative to Cuomo. Cuomo has been working hard to avoid  and limit the range of debate, but voters deserve to hear their options, especially when the options include a candidate consistently polling around 10% from an official ballot status party in New York. -Josh F., Brooklyn

Yes. Absolutely! He is a viable candidate and needs to be able to answer to the public. Plus he has already had some comments that I would have liked to have Cuomo respond to. Cuomo ignores him and shouldn't be allowed to as a servant of the public. -Anonymous

Yes. Especially in light of Zephyr Teachout's performance in the primary, we need to hear from other perspectives than just Cuomo and Astorino. -Mike L., Srub Oak

Yes. He is the only candidate talking about serious issues like jobs, education and fracking. -Sandy B., Brooklyn

No. Bowie. Who is Howie Hawkins? -Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

Yes. We need more voices outside the two main parties. -Anonymous

Yes. There should be more than two voices available for the NY people. -Tyler M., Ithaca

Yes. I like democracy. -Anonymous

Yes. A REAL alternative! -Anonymous

Yes. We're a democracy! Yes? -Anonymous

Yes. He is likely to receive at least 10% of the vote. His voice, along with the Libertarian party's Michael McDermott, deserves to be heard. -Anonymous

Yes. He's the only serious alternative to the status quo. -Jon F., Troy

Yes. His poll numbers are rising because he's talking about real issues! -Anonymous

Yes. Anyone that seeks office should be required to speak directly to the voters. -Anonymous

Yes. No reason why not. -Beth S., Oakdale

Yes. Green Party is a ballot access party passing legally required threshold. That's what matters. -Craig S., Brooklyn

Yes. Two party system is rotten & rigged against alternatives. Open debates are about democracy and presenting genuine alternatives. -Brian J., New York City

Yes. To use the words of our Gov. 1% Cuomo (but not with the same meaning);  "Debates can be a Disservice to Democracy", when they don't include all of the candidates who are on the ballot. -Robert H., Springfield

Yes. He has the ballot and should not be excluded anyway, that would be a disservice to democracy. -Anonymous

Yes. We MUST see and hear all the candidates. How can anyone make informed choice if denied the right to hear the candidates answers? If we deny them then the 2 party system cannot be broken and corruption will continue. If people see the green party candidates they will vote for them. That threatens corruption. We need to threaten corruption please. -Joanne C., Drdyen

Yes. Democracy is not pre-selected choices! It is not up to the two-parties or the media to decided what the people are allowed to know. The people are sovereign, it is our choice! Power to the People! -Anonymous

Yes. He's on the ballot as a legitimate candidate. Excluding him is undemocratic. There is nothing in our Constitution that mandates a two-party system. It's time to give third parties a fighting chance. -Celeste L., Brooklyn

Yes. He's polling in double-digits and is closer to Astorino than Astorino is to Cuomo. –Anonymous

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