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Jun 25, 2015


Do you think the latest corruption scandal could hurt upstate economic development?

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Last Week's Results

Should the state unseal some of the grand jury materials concerning the Attica uprising?

Yes: 86%

No: 14%

Your thoughts on the Attica uprising:

Answer: Yes. "This is a matter of great public concern. Guards and inmates and their families and the public deserve to know the truth." -Anita T., Albany

Answer: Yes. "I think all of the grand jury materials should be unsealed. As an American tax paying citizen who was falsely led to believe lies about the inmates role in this protest, I would like to learn the truth." -Lisa L., Maplewood

Answer: Yes. "What is there to hide after all these years?" -Larry P., Great Neck

Answer: Yes. "If a cover-up happened the public has a right to know." -Mike R., Round Rock, Texas

Answer: Yes. "Given that prisons are funded using public monies, taxpayers have a vested interest in issues regarding their operation. The public is not served in any way by sealing materials which reflect serious issues such as were being covered up in the case of the Attica uprising and which may be being covered up today." -Glenda G., Toronto, Canada

Answer: Yes. "It is true that those who commit crimes may need to be punished, but it should be done in a way that the 'punishment fits the crime". For some reason we have lost track of that fact. Prisoners are not lower class non-human beings. Let the truth be told in the hope that changes will be made." -Marilyn N., Rochester

Answer: Yes. "Absolutely Yes! The public needs to know what happened and why. Criminal justice in NYS needs a lot of review towards sensible change." -John and Jane P., Troy

Answer: Yes. "It can only advance our understanding to reveal the facts. How can that be wrong?" -Martha H., Albany

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