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Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think there should be term limits for state legislators?

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

Your thoughts on term limits:

Yes: 78%
No: 22%

There are some unfortunate consequences of having long-term politicians in state seats, but the alternative is worse: inexperienced, incompetent people relying on the experienced bureaucracy to get things done. It is the responsibility of the voters to pay attention to the issues, and their legislators, and vote as they see fit. There is no substitute for informed, thoughtful voters. - Kurt H., Schenectady

Absolutely. As there should also be for federal legislators. Maximum of 8 years in the Assembly and House Of Representatives, 12 years for state and U.S. senators. - William W., Loudonville

The amendment to the state Constitution for term limits should be written by a non politically affiliated group because if it is written by the Legislature it would be so full of loopholes as to be totally useless. - Bob P., Owego

If we are ever to return to the idea of citizen representatives then we have to end the professional career representatives - David S., Schenectady

Too many liberals contaminating the legislative process from holding elected office too long. - Frank M., Brooklyn

Also six weeks of campaigning only with public funding. No private donations. - Linda D., Queensbury

Every time around it just becomes the in crowd. - Dave H., Buffalo

Absolutely; The lack of term limits, has promoted the ongoing corruption, and entitlement exhibited by some state legislators. Hopefully, the Federal Prosecutor will continue his pursuit of these CROOKS, and the DYSFUNCTIONAL Legislature will take a REAL-LOOK in the mirror, and make some meaningful, much needed, changes! Time-Will Tell? - Joe N., Gouverneur

too often long time politicians lack the will of the people, and side with those that bought them there seat. - Jack A., Watertown

Of course there should be term limits, and for many reasons, not the least of which is that limiting the length of time you serve in the Legislature will also limit the temptation to view your time in office as one to reap as much personal gain as possible. A cynical view, yes - but, unfortunately, one that is likely closer to the way things are, than not. - Jim C., Mechanicville

Term limits would strengthen our democratic process. The current corruption be are going through is not new but is built on an abuse of power associated with being in a power position too long. Politics should not be a vocation. - Anonymous

Term limits may reduce corruption & increase fresh ideas - Anne & Bill S., Rexford

Long over due, should have been done years ago! - Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

Corruption's epidemic in Albany, and term limits is the only cure. - Robert M., Bronx

Term limits makes no difference as gerrymandering of district boundaries guarantees that one politician will just be replaced by another from the same political club house in 98% of all races. Only an honest independent reapportionment in 2022 based upon the 2020 census could impact corruption in Albany. - Larry P., Great Neck

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