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Jun 25, 2015


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Last Week's Results

Do you think hunting is the best means to control the deer population?

Yes: 20%
No: 80%

Your thoughts on deer hunting:

Answer: No. "I do think there are enough hunters anymore to make a substantial impact. More tags could be given to make up the difference. Also - give free tags to hunters willing to donated some venison to a homless shelter or food bank." -Sharon S., Minerva

Answer: Yes. "Yes. I quit all hunting after Cuomo rammed the unSAFE Act down our throats. I refuse to support a New Yorkistan's Anti 2nd Amendment culture with my sportsman tax dollars." -Bob P., Owego

Answer: No. "Birth control is better. Why not donate any dead deer to food kitchens?" -Larry P., Great Neck

Answer: No. "Hunting is the only means we currently have, but it is not effective at controlling the population. We need to open deer control up to free markets where people can purchase NY wild raised venison (not the New Zealand farm raised sold in restaurants and specialty shops)." -Troy W., Ballston Lake

Answer: No. "It's not the deer population that's out of control - it's the HUMAN population. As noted in the story, it's people that are encroaching on deer habitat - not the other way around. An enlightened 21st century view of the world should acknowledge that we have a duty and obligation to share the finite space we live in with ALL species." -Jim C., Mechanicville

Answer: No. "In India, which has far less resources than NY State, they control animal populations by "hunting" adolescent animals with sedatives, bringing them to wildlife clinics for neutering, and returning them days later to the exact location in which they were found. Sometimes these animals are tagged so they can also be included in research projects of various sorts. The idea of encouraging young adults to take up hunting and sharp-shooting, and becoming desensitized to both killing and inflicting emotional and physical pain on animals is unethical, and some would argue, a contributor to the violent gun
culture in our communities."
-Barbara B., New York City

Answer: No. "Best method is to dart tranquilize male deer as they are the ones who impregnate many female deer and castrate them. There will be fewer deer impregnated and therefore less born. eventually, lower the deer population." -Lucille B., Garnerville

Answer: Yes. "At the current time it is the most effect solution. The DEC needs to learn how to have a better season/limits for hunters. If the DEC truly wanted to lower deer numbers there would be a provision that a doe/antlerless be harvested first then a buck/antlerled deer second." -Andy W., Walworth

Answer: Yes. "It not only reduces the number of deer, it also helps feed well over 1 million people in NYS." -Richard K., East Concord

Answer: No. "That ship left the dock a long time ago! In WNY there aren't enough hunters and I don't see the sport gaining any popularity for numerous reasons. Least of which is how the state has demonized guns. Land owner liability is also a huge issue. The state needs to step up and do more to stop the carnage on our roadways, reduce vehicular destruction and the resulting increases in insurance rates, loss of life, and exorbitant property damage. The money spent in carcass removal alone is staggering and wrong minded. Few people understand that there will be no trees to replace the current stock due to over browsing because of the high density of the deer population. In short, the state has done little to address this issue and shifted the costs to homeowners and landowners." -Jackie A., Colden

Answer: Yes. "Deer hunting provides much needed additive free protein for poorer New Yorkers, plus every pound of venison harvested is a pound of meat not needed from a factory farm." -David E., Lockport

Answer: Yes. "Deer hunting in NYS is not only ethical but it also provides a wonderful past time that is passed down for generations. A hunter appreciation day in NYS would be a good idea." -Jim S., Buffalo

Answer: Yes. "Hunting is a close way NOT to interfere with nature and very effective. Predators to assist Mother Nature are now rare. Hunters do the best Job. Land owners should be encouraged to allow hunting." -Thomas B., East Meadow

Answer: No. "We have quickly been destroying the natural environment of our planet, in major part, due to our complete disrespect for other species and the balance that nature provides. Hunting, and our general treatment of animals and the total natural environment, is arrogant, ignorant, heartless, blindly self destructive and aggressive in a manner that permeates all behavior in known and unknown ways." -Eileen G., Jersey City

Answer: No. "The problem needs solution and soon. Several of my friends have been run into by these huge animals more than once
and have not been seriously hurt thanks to a good vehicle around them. I worry that their luck will run out."
-Barb B., Queens

Answer: No. "Why doesn't NY look to other states for how to control over population of deer ? I lived in California all my adult life : we
controlled the population by putting hormones on salt licks! easy ! SHOOTING them , ridiculous ! I hate guns...guns KILL"
-Claire G., Pittsford

Answer: Yes. "It's the only practical way to minimize orchard and crop damage, supply nourishing meat to food pantries and reduce car/deer collisions." -George P., Spencerport

Answer: Yes. "Deer are preventing NY forests from regenerating. Where needed, hunting seasons should be extended, the sale of venison should be legalized and professional culling utilized." -Jerry M., Binghamton

Answer: No. "Unfortunately, hunters can no longer keep up with the increased population of deer. Society is going to have to make some hard decisions resulting in either lower deer numbers or acceptance of high deer numbers and damaged ecosystems, car-deer accidents etc. Lowering deer numbers will require culling and highly specialized hunts in neighborhoods." -Tim G., Middle Island

Answer: No. "The deer issue is a human problem- we are the ones building dangerous roads and destroying habitat. Butchering wildlife again and again is never going to solve the problem, because it is of our own making. We need to change how we see ourselves in relation to the animals we share this land with." -Amber C., Syracuse


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