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12:00 pm
Thu August 21, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


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Last Week's Results

Do you support Governor Cuomo’s trip to Israel?

Yes, it shows solidarity: 3%
No, he should focus on NY: 97%

Your comments on the governor going to Israel:

No. Pure politics. Please list achievements he attained if you can. I cannot see any value to this for anyone. Has he been a catalyst for peace. I don't think so. Just more empty spending at NY taxpayer expense. -Anonymous

No. Cheap politics to pander to the Jewish vote. -Sue, Endwell

No. The only reason for him to travel to Israel is to position himself for his inevitable run for national office. There's no reason to get New York involved in U. S. foreign policy except Cuomo's ego. -Debi O., Schaghticoke

No. It's political. Smoke and mirrors like all he does. Done by others before but this was done by him, for him; he wants the Jewish vote. -Nancy R., Castleton

No. It was a big waste of time and money, not to mention natural resources. Does anyone really think or believe any citizen of Israel cares about what Cuomo thinks or does? -Bill M., Schenectady

No. It's obvious that it's part of a plan to run for president. Be assured that I have no intention of voting for him. As a matter of fact I'm not planning to vote for him for governor. -Ann R., Chatham

No. It seems that no one dares to question the actions of the Israeli military in the deaths of so many Palestinian civilians. It is a taboo subject. The seeds of hatred and retaliatory violence have been sown, not just for Israel but for the US homeland as well. -Joe A., Rochester

No. It is too evidently just an electoral ploy. Unfortunately it is not a cheap ploy because we are most assuredly paying for it. -William P., Rochester

No. He needs to help native New York taxpayers not play diplomat with foreign countries at our expense $$! -Pete C., Boonville

No. If it was paid for by taxpayer dollars I am really against it; he should be taking the time to debate Teachout. -Judy F., Bronx

No. It was a pure political, campaign trip, pandering for votes in NY by showing support for Israel. Nothing wrong with it but let's call it for what it was. -Bob S., Macedon

No. However, everyone knows who butters our bread in this state. -Anonymous

No. He has enough to do right here in NY. It smells of pure politics. Like he is running away. -Steve, Dobbs Ferry

No. He pronounced that all New Yorkers are for Israel and basing this trip on this idea, but the idea is not fact. Thousands and thousands New Yorkers are demonstrating daily all over New York and other municipalities voicing their disapproval for Israel's criminal acts in Gaza. I am Jewish and see it in pride. Our Governor doesn't want to see and hear our real voice. -Marina S., Albany

No. The poll question is not very well posed. I infer it means shows solidarity with Israel, or maybe with Jewish NY voters, vs. focusing on NYS problems. To me, it seems like a political points trip, not in fact showing real solidarity, or focus on NYS problems. -Anonymous

This is so blatant he must think we are all very naive. -Barbara B., Cohoes

No. This political pandering, nothing more. -Anonymous

No. If Cuomo is interested in foreign policy, feel free to run for the US Senate against Schumer or Gillibrand. I bet Cuomo didn't pay for this trip out of his $36 million campaign kitty, but stuck taxpayers with the bill. Voters should stick it to Cuomo in November by voting to elect someone else Governor. This political grandstanding by Cuomo is not kosher. -Larry P., Great Neck

No. How arrogant!!! is this taking care of NY business?? -Arnold, Greece

No. What is ANY governor doing injecting themselves into US foreign policy? -Bill G., East Greenbush

No. There's other effective ways to show solidarity besides traveling to Israel, especially 2.5 months before an election. If this was one year into his term, would he have still made the trip? One would think he would be concerned about domestic issues. It's not like he can send the Israeli army munitions aid from the NYSP. –Anonymous

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