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Last Week's Results

Do you think it’s a good idea to use state funds to create a logger training program?

Yes: 66%
No: 34%

Your thoughts on a logger training program:

Yes. For such a relatively small dollar amount developing and moving forward with this program seems a like great future investment for New York State. -Mark R., Honeoye Falls

Yes. Helping train New Yorkers for jobs is what I believe New York state government ought to be doing. The state government helps with some industries, nanotech for example, why not logging? While I wish the program great success, I won't be applying. But if there should be a state funded program to train superbike grand prix riders, I'll be there faster than you can say 'Paul Bunyan.' -William D., Yonkers

No, we already have a forestry college at SU, isn't that enough? -Paul L., Schenectady

Yes. Training for work in our own natural resources is a good use of state funds, especially with the dwindling ranks of loggers and the ubiquitous need for paper products. -Tracy T.

Yes. Looks like good bang for a relatively small buck. Bet it will create more jobs than the huge tax giveaway being advertised ad nauseum. -Barb B., Queens

No. We should spend all our money for PreK and universal Kindergarten and full day daycare and end schooling at age 12. -Bob, Albany

Yes. As the wife, mother, and grandmother of retired and current loggers, I believe that with logging equipment becoming more complicated, but the dangers of logging remaining the same, it is very important that the loggers be properly training and regulated. -Joyce G., Salem

Yes. We must train our future loggers about sustainability and responsible forest management. -Anonymous

No. We have enough untrustworthy behavior in Albany as it is, so let's not give them any more money to encourage it. -Robert M., The Bronx

Yes. This seems like a good way to help the rural communities of the Adirondack area to provide economic opportunity for the young and to perhaps retain population. -John M., Kew Gardens

Yes. Especially if linked with Paul Smith's College! -Anonymous

No. Another example of corporate welfare. Let Finch, International Paper and others in the private sector lumber industry pay instead of taxpayers. -Larry P., Great Neck

Yes. The State funds tens of billions of dollars for education at all levels.  A substantial fraction is for college-level study, including vocational training.  There are certainly environmental concerns regarding logging.  However, this funding is being spent through an established college and academic program, in an appropriate location.  In the context of NYS funding of job programs in general, and for the heavily regulated NYS logging industry in particular, I think this is not an unusual or inappropriate use of State funds. -Kurt H., Schenectady

Yes. Funded residency program. -Elaine Z., Brooklyn

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