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Thu December 18, 2014

This Week's 'New York NOW' Poll Question


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Last Week's Results

Would you like to see the governor appoint a special prosecutor to handle cases when an unarmed civilian is killed by the police?

Yes: 36%
No: 64%

Your comments on appointing a special prosecutor:

Yes. Local prosecutors have a conflict of interest. They way too close to the police. -Tom R. Hagaman

No. The question is certainly appropriate as a current topic. But it only addresses a small part of the legal issue, and then after someone is killed. The Grand Jury process was put in place to ensure a level playing field. However, like most bureaucratic institutions it has been warped, and not necessarily on purpose. The police officer is society's interpreter of laws on a daily basis. This is a great responsibility that in many cases must be exercised in an instant. So, how do we protect the officer on the street, yet give him or her the authority to potentially remove citizens from society. The ability to arrest someone for a criminal act, or kill a person because another life is in danger, is an extreme responsibility. Eventually it is reviewed by the Grand Jury process. Everything that I have heard from the talking heads is that the Grant Jury process is extremely skewered toward the prosecution. Citizens that are indigent are even furthered weighed down by the assigning of a public defender. The existing system has the necessary stop gaps that should prevent the issues that we have experienced. But, politics, police misconduct are overlooked for the common good. We must continue to be a society driven the just law for each individual. The cottage industry that has developed between the legal system and law enforcement what a natural outgrowth excepted in principle by society. We need to stop and evaluate the existing system, before we burden it with another process. Using the system to prevent criminal activity. A special prosecutor handling a case where a civilian is killed is the pound of cure. Thank you. -Leo D., Farmington

No. That would be nothing more than an empty political gesture. -Robert M., The Bronx

Yes. Using a special prosecutor avoids a conflict of interest that DAs have. DAs have to work with police to make cases to bring to court. The justice system should be free of conflicts of interests to the extent possible. -Kurt H., Schenectady

No. Leave it to the local prosecutors or it will become political time bomb! -Ernie G., Hastings on Hudson

No. I would prefer the Attorney General investigate these cases. I have faith in the independence of this institution as opposed to an appointed special prosecutor. Too much room for wink wink nudge nudge with appointee. -James G., Schenectady

No. How can we appoint the special prosecutor for this specific kind of crime, but ignore other kinds of crime? -Jame A., Albany

No. Too wimpy. The Governor needs to appoint Al Sharpton to serve as chief prosecutor, judge, juror and executioner if we are to achieve justice and peace. -Larry P., Great Neck

No. Anybody appointed by Cuomo will be puppet controlled by Cuomo doing HIS bidding. -Ray P., Berkshire

I say 'no' for right now. But I believe the number of unarmed civilians killed by police could climb and that would cause a reversal of such a 'no' vote which would come as a result. -William D., Yonkers

No. The process has become too politicalized. The problem is that minorities feel they are being harassed so they resist (answering questions, resisting arrest, etc.), whereas answering the police "yes sir" or "no sir" could very well de-escalate the situation. It works. -Jim R., LA

Disclaimer: This is not a scientific poll. It is not intended to be viewed as representative of general public opinion. Rather, results indicate the opinions of a self-selecting group of online respondents which may or may not be representative of more widespread public opinion.

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