Worker union suspends political endorsement

Mar 19, 2012

A major state worker union has suspended all endorsements and campaign contributions to state lawmakers, following  passage of several bills, including pension changes and redistricting lines.  
Danny Donohue, President of the Civil Service Employees Association, says Governor Cuomo and the legislature 'engaged in political gamesmanship' in the redistricting- pension reform deal approved in all night session, and traded 'political self preservation' for the future retirement security of new public workers.
'If they think that we’ll forget about this in a month or two, I don't think they understand what they’ve done,' said Donohue.
Donohue threatened to back primary challengers to some key lawmakers.  
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver he has 'no reaction' to the suspension of support from the unions, but says 'support should not come as the result of a vote yes or a vote no on any particular bill'.  
And the Speaker insists that some union officials have told him they like the pension changes, which require future workers to contribute more to their pensions and receive less in return, as well as some limited access to a 401k plan.