Erie Canal

Some members of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s cabinet are about to know every inch of the Erie Canal “from Albany to Buffalo.”   

New York State Canal Corporation Director Brian Stratton kicked off the tour today in the Queen City, as he joined more than 500 cyclists from around the country for the 14th annual ‘Cycling the Erie Canal’ event, which is a 400 mile bicycling trip along the state’s famous waterway.


Matt Ryan

In the early 20th century, Buffalo was the eighth-largest city in America. Thanks to a booming manufacturing industry and assets like the Erie Canal, the Queen City was a destination for many New Yorkers looking for jobs. Today, Buffalo stands as the third-poorest large city in America and the shores of Lake Erie are dotted with empty reminders of its once-great past. Could Western New York once again become a destination for businesses looking to grow?