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UAlbany expands research into RNA

Dec 17, 2012

Most of us know all about DNA, the genetic building blocks that make us unique. But in recent years, there’s a lot of interest in RNA— a molecule that controls how our genes are expressed.

Most New Yorkers agree with the recent Supreme Court decision upholding President Obama’s health care reform, but most think the new law, when fully implemented, will cause health care costs to rise.
The Siena College poll finds support for the health care law is sharply divided along party lines.  Three quarters of Democrats want to see the federal health care law fully implemented, while three quarters of Republicans want to see it repealed.

New York’s politicians and major health care providers are applauding the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Obama’s health care law.  Meanwhile, an Albany Law School expert says Chief Justice John Roberts may have been concerned about his legacy, and that was a factor in his decision.  

A new poll finds New Yorkers have mixed feelings about President Obama’s health care reform act, with a plurality saying they’d like to see the Supreme Court declare parts of the law unconstitutional.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is casting doubt on whether the state budget will include a health exchange required under the federal health care act, saying there is too much uncertainty to create it now.
As part of the federal health care act backed by President Obama and approved by Congress, states are required to set up health exchanges so that the uninsured can buy the health care plans that they will be required to purchase when the act is fully implemented.