Jim Tedisco

Problems with water infrastructure have plagued communities across the state this year, particularly in the Capital Region. 

More than 10 days after two convicted killers escaped from a state prison near Plattsburgh, some state lawmakers are considering new legislation and holding hearings to correct what they see as flaws in the state’s prisons system that  may have contributed to the break out.

For the first few days after the escape, state lawmakers seemed reluctant to criticize procedures at the Clinton Correctional Facility and in the state’s prison system. But more than 10 days after the escape, and no capture, they’ve begun to propose bills and offer suggestions.

Earth Day 2015 is also the first day that the New York State Assembly is transitioning to a paperless system. Assemblymembers have been given iPads to read bills electronically, and supporters say it will save millions of dollars, and trees.

Tuesday marked the third annual Animal Advocacy Day in Albany.  Animal supporters lobbied their local legislators to raise awareness for the need to protect their favorite four-legged creatures.