Matt Ryan/WMHT

The leadership battle in the New York State Senate has been an intriguing storyline since the 2008 election.

Watching the clock

Dec 22, 2015
Matt Ryan/WMHT

At the end of every December , we here at New York NOW will often go through the gobs of footage we accumulated during the year.  One out-of-the-ordinary clip caught our eye from the legislative session. 


While going through all of our footage from yesterday, I noticed our videographer Brian Flynn caught a lighter moment during yesterday's at-times awkward transition of power in the senate chamber.

Yesterday Governor Andrew Cuomo said he hopes the "reunification" of the senate Democrats happens next year.   Right now a breakaway group of five that co-govern the chamber along with the Republicans are caught in the middle of Cuomo's new desire to have his party control the state senate.