Matt Ryan / WMHT

Government reform groups say you can add one more item to the long list of reforms that they believe are needed in Albany. They say limits are needed on campaign contributions to county political committees. The committees collection and distribution of money factor into a growing criminal case against  New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s administration, and upstate Senate races in 2014.

Matt Ryan

Tuesday is not only New York’s Presidential primary. It also the day for two special elections to replace the disgraced former leaders of the legislature, who lost their seats after being convicted on multiple felony corruption charges.

One of the races is to replace former Senate Leader Dean Skelos, a Republican who is now facing a lengthy prison term on corruption convictions. 

Karen DeWitt

The Assembly and Senate have released budget positions that focus on taxes and spending policies, but very little on ethics reform, even though both former leaders of the legislature face prison sentences over corruption convictions.  

Karen DeWitt

Senate Republicans say their version of the state budget will include a 9 year phase in of tax cuts that would eventually total a 25% reduction for middle class taxpayers.

GOP Leader John Flanagan says when the Senate Majority releases it’s budget plan later in March , it will include a phase in of over $4 billion dollars in tax cuts . They include an extension of a temporary tax cut for middle income earners, which would gradually be reduced to a rate of just over 5% for those who make $300,000 a year or less.

Matt Ryan/WMHT

The leadership battle in the New York State Senate has been an intriguing storyline since the 2008 election.