A major state worker union has suspended all endorsements and campaign contributions to state lawmakers, following  passage of several bills, including pension changes and redistricting lines.  
Danny Donohue, President of the Civil Service Employees Association, says Governor Cuomo and the legislature 'engaged in political gamesmanship' in the redistricting- pension reform deal approved in all night session, and traded 'political self preservation' for the future retirement security of new public workers.

The state legislature, meeting for the first time since deals were struck on pension reform and new district lines, tried to focus on their new task, agreeing on a budget. But they found that the old issues continue to have repercussions, as a major union suspended all endorsements and contributions over the pension vote.
The week began with Governor Andrew Cuomo signing into law a bill to expand the state’s DNA data base.
Cuomo says the law will make the state 'safer'.

Pension aftermath

Mar 15, 2012

An overnight session in the state legislature where pension reform and other items were approved has left public worker unions, and even some lawmakers, fuming. Meanwhile Governor Cuomo says it had be done that way.

The pension reform bill was first released at 3 am Thursday morning. It was on the members desk at 5 am, and passed into law shortly before 7:30.