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This week on NYN: Spotlight on Adirondack issues

This week marks the 23rd Annual Adirondack Research Consortium in Lake Placid. The focus will be on energy, water quality, climate change and the economy inside the Blue Line.
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Wayne Barrett reflects on his decades covering Donald Trump

No one has covered real estate mogul and now leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump longer than Wayne Barrett.
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Karen DeWitt

A board controlled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the legislative leaders voted Wednesday to approve more than $485 million for the Buffalo Billion project. But there were some questions from board members about details of a program that is now under federal investigation.

Governor Cuomo has released a bill on closing a loophole that allows for unlimited big money donations to candidates. The LLC loophole has played a key role in the federal corruption trials of both former leaders of the legislature, and may be a factor in the ongoing federal probe of the governor’s economic development projects.

Newburgh, NY often makes national lists as one of the worst places to live, especially for young men.

That’s why an alternative all boys’ middle school partnered with Mohonk Preserve, part of the Shawangunk Mountain range just a few miles north in Gardiner, to participate in a program aimed at teaching junior high school students STEM skills using the natural environment.

It’s just over three weeks until the legislative session is scheduled to end, and hopes for reform are fading,  

during an unprecedented level of corruption in state government.

Governor Cuomo says a key vote on the next installment of the Buffalo Billion project is merely postponed, not canceled, and he denies that he’s feeling “defensive” about the widening federal probe of his administration’s economic development projects.

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With his former top aide facing a federal probe for potential conflicts of interest for consulting work, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said twice now that he did not know what the former close associate of the Cuomo family was up to. Percoco left state service earlier this year for a job at Madison Square Garden.

But it turns out that the governor had not one, but two ways to know if his current or former top aides have any business deals that could present an ethical conflict.

School budget votes and school board elections are held across the state Tuesday, and the state school boards association says more schools are seeking to convince voters to override the state’s tax cap.

The second of the state’s top three powerful politicians in two weeks was sentenced to prison in federal court Thursday. Dean Skelos got five years for corruption, along with his son, Adam who received six and a half years.

Despite pleas from two men and their lawyers that they did good works and were very sorry, Judge Kimba Wood told Dean Skelos and his son Adam that they “ caused immeasurable damage to New Yorkers’ confidence in the integrity of government”, and ordered prison terms. Dean Skelos must also pay over $800,000 in fines and restitution.

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Every day for the past two weeks, news reports have focused on a federal probe of Governor Cuomo’s Administration. It comes as both former leaders of the legislature are being sentenced to prison for corruption. Despite that Cuomo and legislative leaders say they are trying to achieve some agenda items in the closing weeks of the legislative session.

Karen DeWitt

Advocates for farmworkers  are trying a new route to gain the right to form a union and be allowed benefits afforded to other laborers in New York. They are suing the state government. Governor Cuomo says he agrees with the farmworkers and won’t be defending the law in court.

For decades, migrant farmworkers and their advocates have tried to get a law passed to place the laborers under the protection of the state’s labor laws, giving them the right to form unions, and collectively bargain with their farmer employers for better working conditions.


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