The forgotten War of 1812

Throughout our schooling, we were taught about the historical importance of American conflicts like the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and the two World Wars. Many of us can name the key commanders, battles and the dates of these significant events. But how many of us can do the same in regard to the War of 1812? It's a conflict that's long been ignored, even by leaders of New York State. This year marks the bicentennial of a conflict in which our state played a critical role. We traveled...
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New York NOW named "Best Public Affairs Program" again

For the second straight year WMHT's "New York NOW" was honored with a New York State Broadcasters Association Award for "Best Public Affairs Program" at the 49th Annual Awards Ceremony at the Conrad Hotel in lower Manhattan. It recognizes outstanding achievement among the state's radio and television stations. This is now the third time in four years that our program has been honored. The particular show that won was our August 2014 broadcast from the top of Sleeping Beauty Mountain where we...
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Matt Ryan

There’s word that the commissioner of the state’s environmental agency is leaving, just two days after Joe Martens issued the final environmental impact statement banning hydro fracking in New York. The final report on fracking is a signal for others to move on as well. Anti fracking groups say they are using New York’s stance to help convince other states, and even countries to ban the gas drilling process.

Matt Ryan

When Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders announced a new rebate check for property taxpayers, they touted it as a significant “real” benefit to average homeowners. But fiscal watchdog groups say the program is severely flawed, and the money could be better used on something else.

Karen DeWitt

A wage board appointed by Governor Cuomo, speaking before a packed crowd of fast food workers,  says it will authorize a “substantial” raise for fast food workers, but would not say when or even if the increase would be the $15 an hour that many groups are seeking.
A three member board picked by Governor Cuomo to examine whether fast food workers need a raise say they are in agreement that the current wage of $8.75 an hour needs to be much higher.

New York legalized gay marriage four years ago. State leaders reacted with enthusiasm to the Supreme Court ruling.

Governor Cuomo and leaders of the legislature finally settled all of their differences and were ready to vote on the final piece of legislation that will end the session.

The measure, colloquially known as “the big ugly,” contains a four year extension of the rent regulations, and a corresponding continuation of a property tax cap, as well as new rebate checks sent to homeowners just before Election Day 2016.

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders held another news conference two days after announcing the elements of the deal, to put the best face on it.

Is Governor Cuomo the secret source for anonymous quotes to various newspapers trashing his political rival, New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio?

The governor was asked directly at a news conference whether he was the person identified as a Cuomo administration official in the Wall Street Journal as well as other publications, saying that deBlasio was “universally acknowledged to be bumbling and incompetent.” The governor did not exactly say no.

This week marked the final hearing by a board specifically appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to consider raising the wage for fast-food workers across the state.   Supporters outside the Albany hearing chanted in favor of a $15 minimum wage.  It currently stands at $8.75.

Matt Ryan

The legislature continued negotiating and printing legislation Wednesday, one day after a framework deal was announced by legislative leaders and Governor Cuomo. The session limped to a close, after a year that’s seen the resignation of both leaders of the legislature over corruption scandals, and ongoing federal probes.

Governor Cuomo endured many personal obstacles. His father, the former Governor Mario Cuomo, passed away January 1st. His long- time partner, chef Sandra Lee, underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer.

Nearly one week after the legislative session was supposed to end, governor Cuomo and legislative leaders have announced a deal on all major end of session issues, including renewal of New York City’s rent laws and a related property tax cap, as well as a new tax rebate program for property owners.

After several days of closed door negotiations, and one extension of expiring rent laws, Cuomo and legislative leaders reached a deal on several key issues.

“We have a framework of an agreement,” Cuomo said.


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