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DiNapoli discusses procurement reform

Earlier this week another feud between Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration and State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli surfaced.
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After several years of budget surpluses, New York state tax revenue is coming in at a lower-than-expected rate.

Karen DeWitt

With less than three weeks before elections, Hillary Clinton is even further ahead of Donald Trump in New York State, and that could affect down-ballot races, including seats for the state Senate.  

Pipeline companies are not having a lot of success in New York so far in 2016, opponents say they are dirty and continue New York’s over-reliance on fossil fuels, and two projects have already been canceled.  A pipeline company representative says the projects are not as harmful as opponents say, and essential  for the state’s current electric needs.

Until recently, expanding and building pipelines was not terribly controversial, as most people agreed that there was a common need to transport oil and gas for fuel and electricity.

Karen DeWitt

State lawmakers with disabled children rallied at the State Capitol, along with developmentally disabled and their caregivers,  for more money in the budget to pay caregivers a living wage.

Mountain Lake PBS journalist Thom Hallock joins us to discuss North Country politics and environmental issues.

Karen DeWitt

Reform groups say in light of the criminal charges against some of Governor Cuomo’s former associates there are a number of changes that should be made to stop more corruption in the future.

Democrats in New York are trying to keep the heat on  Republicans running for office over the  coarse remarks made by GOP Presidential candidate Donald Trump in a leaked video.

The beleaguered head of SUNY’s Polytechnic Institute, Alain Kaloyeros, formally resigned from his post today , after being placed on leave without pay following criminal charges from state and federal officials.

Matt Ryan

Governor Cuomo is keeping the heat on New York Republicans to disown Donald Trump, after the GOP Presidential candidate’s coarse remarks about women  revealed in a video over the weekend.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is one of many condemning Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump for his statements in the 2005 incident, where he spoke of women in vulgar terms, and described actions that  many view as sexual assault.


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