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Former Assembly Speaker Silver sentenced to 12 years in prison

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was sentenced to 12 years in prison and told by a federal judge that he must give back $5 million dollars that he stole from the public, as well a pay another $1.75 million dollars in fines. Over 100 family members, constituents and lobbyists wrote letters on behalf of the disgraced former Assembly Speaker, Silver himself apologized in a letter, and his lawyers pleaded for mercy, Despite that, the Judge sentenced Silver to a dozen years in federal prison...
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Wayne Barrett reflects on his decades covering Donlad Trump

No one has covered real estate mogul and now leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump longer than Wayne Barrett. The investigative journalist, who worked at the Village Voice for nearly four decades, first wrote about Trump in a two-part series in 1979 and wrote a biography on him in the early 90's just as his empire started to crumble. We'll get Barrett's views on the man from his initial rise in the 1970's, his financial problems that brought him down in the 1990's (just as...
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Matt Ryan

A spokesman for Governor Cuomo says the governor still plans to pursue an ethics reform package during the remainder of the legislative session,  after news of a federal probe into actions by Cuomo’s former top aide and the governor’s ongoing economic development programs.

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Governor Cuomo’s explanation of some of the circumstances of a US Attorney’s probe into his administration has left some answered questions.

Governor Cuomo offered a brief explanation of his former top aide’s involvement in a scandal now encompassing his administration, saying the actions of Joe Percoco were perfectly legitimate.  The governor says he knew that when Percoco left his $156,000 a year job to manage Cuomo’s 2014 re election campaign, that Percoco would also work for private clients, but that’s all he knew about the situation.

Matt Ryan

Former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was  sentenced to 12 years in prison  and told by a federal judge that he must give back $5 million dollars that he stole from the public, as well a pay another $1.75 million dollars in fines.

Governor Cuomo, spoke for the first time since news broke that his former close associate is under federal investigation for possibly taking illegal payments from developers working on state economic development projects.

Former top aid Joe Percoco left his state job for several months in 2014 when he managed Cuomo’s re election campaign. Cuomo says  Percoco told him  that he might do some other consulting work while he was off the state pay roll, but Percoco did not tell him who the clients were and the governor said he did not ask.

A new poll finds that voters want corruption in state government addressed before lawmakers adjourn the 2016 session.

A full 97% of those surveyed say that passing new laws to curb the bad behavior of lawmakers is their number one priority as the legislature returns form a three week break. The majority want to see legislators convicted of felonies  stripped of their public pensions, but are split on whether outside income should be limited.

The New York State legislature has been on a three week break. In their absences, federal investigations into aides close to Governor Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor  Bill deBlasio have intensified, spurring even more calls for reform.

The legislature returns next Tuesday for the final push in a session that ends in late June, as two burgeoning corruption scandals in both Governor Cuomo’s and New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s administration widen. Also, both former leaders of the legislature will be sentenced in the next few days on multiple felony convictions.

Cuomo’s former top aide at the center of a federal probe earned over $100,000 in income from two firms involved in Governor Cuomo’s economic development projects, according to financial disclosure forms.

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Over the weekend, news broke that top aides to Governor Cuomo are being probed by the US Attorney in connection with the Buffalo Billion economic development project. Here's a look at who’s been accused and what they are suspected of doing.

The Buffalo billion project is the centerpiece of Governor Cuomo’s efforts to reverse decades of economic decline in  New York’s second largest city.  It’s been credited with helping spur jobs and new industries, including high tech and the medical field.

Matt Ryan / WMHT

The legislature returns next Tuesday for the final push in a session that ends in late June. Government reformers say with a burgeoning scandal involving potential violations of campaign limits in Democratic Senate races in 2014, and the scheduled sentencing of the two former leaders of the legislature in early May, it’s time to focus on ethics fixes.

Matt Ryan / WMHT

Government reform groups say you can add one more item to the long list of reforms that they believe are needed in Albany. They say limits are needed on campaign contributions to county political committees. The committees collection and distribution of money factor into a growing criminal case against  New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s administration, and upstate Senate races in 2014.


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