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RNC analysis; Lack of buzz hurting farmers This week we bring you extensive analysis of the Republican National Convention where Donald Trump became the official GOP nominee for president.

We also take a look at agriculture in New York - a three and-a-half billion-dollar industry. With over 35-thousand farms, food producers need as much help as they can get to produce an abundant crop. However, some say a key component in fruit and vegetable farming is experiencing a population...
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Karen DeWitt

ConventionCast | Bernie Sanders Delegates React

How are the Bernie Sanders delegates feeling after Monday's tumultuous day at the DNC revolving around Hillary Clinton's primary challenger? Casey Seiler of the Times Union and Karen DeWitt of New York Public Radio talk to two Bernie delegates from New York, Assemblyman Phil Steck and working mother Josephine Moore, to find out.
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Governor Cuomo had a full schedule Tuesday  at the Democratic National Convention, aimed at showcasing some of his strengths, including supporting LGBT rights and helping the homeless. But first, he shared the stage with Hillary Clinton’s primary opponent, Senator Bernie Sanders. 

Karen DeWitt

Foreign trade deals are a contentious issue at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Now New York’s Senior Senator Chuck Schumer is weighing in, saying he’s against the Trans Pacific Partnership proposal, known as the TPP.

Senator Schumer, speaking to the New York delegation, says he was “skeptical” over the NAFTA deal back in the 1990’s even though then President Bill Clinton, asked him to vote for it. Schumer voted against NAFTA and he says since then his views have become even stronger.

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On Day Three of the Democratic National Convention, Casey Seiler of the Times Union and Karen DeWitt of New York Public Radio sit down with the chief strategist for the Senate Democrats' efforts to retake the State Senate, Senator Mike Gianaris of Queens.

Governor Cuomo is making the rounds at the Democratic National Convention, speaking to LGBT and pro- Israel gatherings, as well as a homeless prevention group known as HELP that Cuomo founded 30 years ago.

But Cuomo laughs off any questions that he might want to seek the Presidency one day, saying he continues to think that narrative is a “distraction”, for now he’s focused on being governor. Cuomo’s already said he wants to seek reelection to a third term. And the New York governor says he’s definitely not interested in a job with a potential Clinton Administration.

Karen DeWitt

Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced a surprise guest at   the New York delegation breakfast, Senator Bernie Sanders.

Karen DeWitt

It’s supposed to be Hillary Clinton’s convention, but all of the focus Monday was on her primary challenger Bernie Sanders and his delegates, who continue to stew over a Wikileaks release of DNC emails that showed favoritism to Clinton over Sanders.

Karen DeWitt

New York State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner join Karen DeWitt of New York State Public Radio and Casey Seiler of the Times Union to share their thoughts on the Democratic National Convention, the DNC email controversy, and Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio's relationship.

Karen DeWitt

The resignation of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz over the release of emails showing that staff favored Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders overshadowed other news at the beginning of the Democratic National Convention.  

Veteran Capital Region Congressman Paul Tonko (D-Amsterdam) will debate Republican challenger Joe Vitollo on October 20th at WMHT.   The hour-long affair will be broadcast live in the North Greenbush studio and live-streamed on 

Karen DeWitt

Now that the Republican National Convention is over, the next step for Republicans, after the Democrats are done with their gathering, is to begin the Presidential election campaign. The head of Trump’s New York campaign say he expects the state to be in play.


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